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Huawei: Fiber Brings New Digital Life Experience

Oct 20, 2021

[Dubai, UAE, October 20, 2021] At the All-Optical Target Network Forum 2021, Weber Zhang, Vice President of Huawei's Optical Access Product Line, delivered a speech on Optical Fiber Brings New Experience in Digital Life. He said that all-optical access has become a global consensus and a key engine for national digital economy development. The continuous development and innovation of optical access services will bring more values to the global economy, ICT industry development, and operator services, and create a better digital life experience for the world.

Weber Zhang

Weber Zhang delivers a speech

The World Bank reported that a 10% increase in broadband penetration would increase GDP by 1.2% to 1.3%. The EU will invest 700 billion euros to build a 2030 digital compass to provide gigabit access for all households. The Bahraini government in the Middle East has set up NTP5, aiming to cover 95% homes, 100% enterprises, and 100% base stations with optical fibers. China's dual-gigabit plan aims to build 100 all-optical cities, develop 30 million gigabit users, and cover 400 million households in 2023. Omdia predicts that the proportion of FTTH users will increase significantly in the next five years. By 2021, there will be more than 200 FMC operators that can provide broadband services.

During the development of broadband services, the construction of intelligent all-optical access networks has become a consensus in the industry. This is driven by new service requirements, such as VR, 4K/8K video, online education, and office video services. The target network based on the all-optical architecture can meet the requirements of new services and support more application scenarios, including fiber to the room (FTTR), fiber to the desk (FTTD), and fiber to the machine (FTTM), to build a ubiquitous all-optical network. However, deploying such an optical access network faces four challenges: high cost of Home Pass and Home Connect, lack of site resources, lack of skilled engineers, and lack of operation management experience.

To address these challenges, Huawei launches the innovative SingleFAN Pro solution, which provides end-to-end product portfolios, full home network solutions, and end-to-end service assurance, helping global operators build high-quality optical access networks in the next 10 years.

E2E Portfolio Facilitates Fast and Low-Cost Network Construction

Based on the concept of thick coverage and short access, Huawei's innovative CO+AirPON solution places the OLT close to users and reuses utility poles for aerial cabling, quickly constructing broadband networks. The ROI period of operators is shortened from 6 years to 3 years. Common technical personnel can also install and deploy the network, effectively reducing the TTM by 30%. It also provides operators with visualized and automated ODN networks to implement minute- and meter-level remote fault locating. By Q3 2021, AirPON+DQ ODN has been deployed by more than 60 operators worldwide, with more than 25,000 sites and 30 million HPs. These include deployments in China's Everest camp, in the Russian Arctic Circle and in the dry, hot Middle East.

Full Home Network Solution Guarantees Customer Experience

For the FTTH network, the capability of the home network almost determines the bandwidth experience of users. Huawei provides users with a series of high-performance ONTs. For users whose subscription bandwidth is lower than 500 Mbps, Huawei dual-band Wi-Fi 5 ONTs are recommended. For users whose subscription bandwidth exceeds 500 Mbps, it is recommended that Huawei's unique Wi-Fi 6 Pro be used. The performance is 50% higher than that of competitors' products. For users in large residences, the Huawei FTTR solution is recommended to cover each room with Wi-Fi signals. In China, the FTTR solution has been deployed for more than 100,000 households.

At the meeting, Weber Zhang mentioned that Huawei had released the first showcase in Dubai in cooperation with ET, and invited industry partners to experience the showcase on site.

E2E Service Assurance Maximize Bandwidth Values

In the future, scenario-based broadband based on service experience will be the next blue ocean market. Huawei's unique intelligent embedded ONT can accurately identify and accelerate 60+ applications. Common scenarios include online education, online live broadcast, games, and office videos. The OTN upstream port provided by the OLT implements fast connection between the OLT and OTN, reducing the latency by more than 60%. This helps operators provide guaranteed E2E home broadband experience for users and increase the ARPU by more than 20%.

Recently, Huawei's SingleFAN Pro solution won the 2021 Fibre Access Solution of the Year award from BBWF, which is widely recognized in the industry.

At the end of his speech, Weber Zhang emphasized that developing optical access networks is the future trend and will greatly shape the digital life in the future. Huawei will increase investment in innovation and work with industry partners to support broadband development and bring better digital life experience to end users.