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Huawei Wins 2021 TM Forum Best Implementation of Innovative Technology Solutions for Leveraging AI/ML to Drive CX Business Outcomes Proactively Catalyst Project

Oct 29, 2021

[London, UK, October 29, 2021] The catalyst project “Leveraging AI/ML to drive CX business outcomes proactively”, won the TM Forum “best implementation of innovative technology solutions” award for generating business value and deliverables for customer experience (CX) standards and best practices. The catalyst project is a joint innovation program by Huawei, leading communication service providers (CSPs) and partners which harness the full power of AI to more accurately discover customer needs and context. The catalyst project reveals where the biggest CX gaps are, and which CX aspects we can leverage to drive better business outcomes. With these insights, CSPs and partners are able to invest in CX more strategically and prudently, thereby giving them the best Return on Experience (RoX) and achieving experience centric business operations.

2021 TM Forum Best Implementation

Huawei Wins 2021 TM Forum Best Implementation of Innovative Technology Solutions for Leveraging AI/ML to Drive CX Business Outcomes Proactively Catalyst

The members of this project worked together to create an Intelligent Experience Operations system. The Intelligent Experience Operations system is based on a "1+4" framework for exploration and practice. The framework begins with business intent to gain a comprehensive insight into customer experience, then identifies key experience factors that affect business, and prescribes recommendations for experience improvement. Under the leadership of a corporate-level customer experience management team, the various functional departments of a CSP can align their initiatives to improve end-to-end customer experience, closing the loop to action business intent.

Based on the "1+4" framework Intelligent Experience Operations system, firstly, the unified customer experience strategy must be established. The strategy is then implemented through initiatives developed under four major strategic pillars: Executive-level CX leadership, Corporate-wide CX Measures (e.g.CEI+), Customer Centric Culture and Data Driven Digital Operations Management. Together, these pillars have enabled our project team members to adapt to the ever-changing market environment and effectively realize business potential.

Intelligent Experience Operations System

Intelligent Experience Operations System

Mohammad S. Alsalim, Assurance & CEx Strategy GM, Corporate Customer Experience, stc. said “Our collaboration with TM Forum has been a great pivot for our achievements in the past few years. We built the whole model on TM Forum Customer Journeys and are now using lots of TM Forum resources to expedite our work and to stay ahead of the curve. Our partnership with Huawei and TM Forum through participation in the TM Forum Catalyst project “Leveraging AI/ML to drive CX business outcomes proactively” has helped us a lot to evolve and revolve Customer experience and associated RoX. stc-CCEx will continue working with all our partners to unleash all potential RoX around CEx and Digital Customer Experience and we all are happy to share our experience and benefits of this Catalyst with all TM Forum associates as needed.”

"By joining TM Forum programs, Huawei will continue to invest in digital technology to build up future experience driven autonomous operations through Huawei AI-powered solutions like HUAWEI SmartCare®, while contributing to create industry standards and new best practices. This will enable Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to accelerate digital operations transformation through building open and intelligent digital capabilities. The continuous and fruitful cooperation with TM Forum, CSPs and industry partners inspires us to develop further.” Said Liang Shiming, Managing Director, Huawei Consulting & System Integration Marketing & Solution Dept.

This solution approach has the potential to significantly change the mindset of operators towards customer-centricity – impacting how all functional units collaborate to better serve their customers (both B2C and B2B), to maximize the value of data and experience, to accelerate digital transformation, and to enable CSPs to develop their business by leaps and bounds.

Follow this link for more information on the Catalyst project: