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Huawei's SingleFAN Pro Solution Awarded Fibre Access Solution of the Year at Broadband World Forum 2021

Oct 14, 2021

[Amsterdam, October 14, 2021] Huawei's SingleFAN Pro solution has been awarded Fibre Access Solution of the Year at the Broadband World Forum 2021 (BBWF 2021) award ceremony. Thanks to innovations in helping operators quickly build all-optical access networks with high quality and low cost, Huawei has won this award for three consecutive years since 2019. The achievement fully reflects the industry recognition of Huawei's innovative solutions in the optical access field and Huawei's efforts in advancing all-optical network transformation.

As the most important annual exhibition in the fixed network field, BBWF is in its 20th year. As the most important award presented by BBWF, Fibre Access Solution of the Year is intended to recognize solutions that have made outstanding contributions in accelerating fiber network deployment for operators and improving broadband access experience over the past year.

The industry has realized the significance and advantages of all-optical access network construction. However, operators still face three key challenges, including slow fiber deployment, complex network maintenance, and unstable user experience. Based on deep insights into the pain points and requirements of operators, Huawei developed and updated the SingleFAN Pro solution, providing an innovative end-to-end (E2E) product portfolio, digital management, and user experience improvement in all scenarios.

E2E product portfolio: Huawei uses the CO+AirPON product portfolio to realize efficient and economic all-scenario network construction.

  • In addition to CO site OLTs, Huawei provides outdoor integrated blade OLTs, which can be pole-mounted, wall-mounted, or aerial-mounted without building new CO sites, for fixed network construction by mobile operators and MSO-to-optical scenarios.
  • The DQ ODN solution supports full-process plug-and-play and requires no splicing, improving the construction efficiency by more than 10 times.
  • Huawei's unique intelligent planning tool can identify value areas and buildings, divide full-service fiber nodes, and perform automatic TCO & TTM analysis to ensure optimal cost control.

E2E digital management: Huawei provides digital management to help operators simplify O&M and improve management efficiency.

  • Huawei's outdoor blade OLTs and ODN products use the unique AI image recognition technology to achieve accurate recording and management of GIS information and port resources, as well as meter-level fault locating in minutes, reducing site visits by 40% based on the big data analysis of the iMaster NCE-FAN cloud platform.
  • Data is collected through the telemetry technology in seconds, facilitating visualized user experience and increasing the conversion rate severalfold. The intelligent management app enables visualized management of full-home Wi-Fi and one-click network troubleshooting and optimization, reducing home visits by 30%.

E2E user experience assurance: Huawei uses multiple innovative technologies to optimize Wi-Fi experience and enable premium digital-life experience for users.

  • The innovative FTTR solution achieves full Wi-Fi 6 coverage as well as seamless roaming and switching at home and inside SMEs, delivering a premium Wi-Fi experience.
  • E2E network slicing uses gold/silver/copper pipes to enable differentiated service experiences, enabling operators to launch new scenario-based value-added packages.

Huawei's continuous innovative solutions in the optical access field has been widely recognized by the industry and the all-optical access network provided by Huawei covers more than 350 million households. In the future, Huawei will continue to work with partners in the industry chain to promote innovations, build ubiquitous fiber connections and accelerate the construction of a fully connected, intelligent world.