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Huawei iMaster MAE Wins the 2020 Communication World Excellent Solution Award

Jan 12, 2021

[Beijing, China, January 12, 2021] Huawei iMaster MAE-MBB Automation Engine won the award of "2020 China Excellent 5G and Industry Application Solutions" held by the Telecom World, it has been recognized by review experts from telecom carriers, industry organizations, and vertical industry customers.

Communication World Excellent Solution Award

Huawei's iMaster MAE – MBB Automation Engine Wins the 2020 Communication World Excellent Solution Award

Since Huawei released ADN in 2018, iMaster MAE, a bridgehead of Huawei's overall ADN strategy, is the MBB network automation engine. Based on the open architecture of ‘layered autonomy and cross-layer coordination’ the industry-leading large-scale network management capability, and effective application of AI in wireless networks, helps customers with efficient site on-air, intelligent network O&M and agile service provisioning. iMaster MAE has been successfully put into commercial use on multiple networks around the world, helping customers build network automation capabilities in the 5G era and safeguard the rapid development of 5G.

In the future, Huawei iMaster MAE will work with global operators to continuously roll out innovative use cases based on the open architecture. Different carriers have different up-layer systems. Huawei will work with operators and industry ecosystem partners to implement autonomous driving network. iMaster MAE implements inter-domain collaboration and machine-machine information exchange based on atomic APIs, scenario APIs, and intent APIs. Operators and industry partners can quickly orchestrate corresponding service processes in DIY mode based on the programmable environment and rich scenario-based API libraries, implement E2E network automation for planning, construction, maintenance, optimization, and operation, accelerating ICT digital transformation.