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Huawei Bill Tang:Reliable and Trusted Service Partner at All Times

Sep 10, 2020

[Shenzhen, China, September 10, 2020] Global carriers have taken on greater social responsibilities in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Bill Tang, President of Huawei's Global Technical Service Dept, in a speech at the 12th Huawei User Group Meeting. The annual User Group Meeting is being held online this year from September 9–11.

In his speech titled "Reliable & Trusted Service Partner at All Times", Tang noted that global carriers have stepped up their work to respond to the pandemic by ensuring that user connectivity and communications remain uncompromised and maintain stable operations for their customers and communities.

“Through it all, Huawei, as the world's leading telecom service provider, has worked tirelessly to maintain robust network operation and uninterrupted service for our users,” Tang said. “Huawei has relied on its AI capabilities and digital platforms to ensure stellar digital delivery and maintenance to help carriers better engage with their customers through improved service quality. Our AI customer service, online healthcare capabilities, and new marketing approaches have made a difference for carriers.”

Bill Tang

Bill Tang, President of Huawei's Global Technical Service Dept

This year, Huawei has deployed hundreds of thousands of 5G and 4G sites worldwide, optical, and core network sites, all based on our Integrated Service Delivery Platform (ISDP). So far, over 100 apps and 500 microservices are available on ISDP; these cover all the delivery phases from PO acquisition, survey, delivery, acceptance, invoicing, and payment collection, minimizing close contact and the public health risk that comes with it.

"Our goal is to reduce not only Huawei's costs, but also our customers' and partners' costs. We need to build an ecosystem that minimizes expenses across the entire industry. The pandemic has been an important time for us to carry out digital transformation," Tang added.

In terms of network O&M, the Huawei AI-based AUTomation and INtelligence (AUTIN) system can predict and detect network faults accurately in advance. By leveraging new alarm handling methods, the system can greatly reduce the number of site visits needed, thereby reducing the risk of maintenance engineers being exposed to a potentially unsafe environment. Currently, the AUTIN system supports more than 100 projects in over 130 countries. Huawei has greatly enhanced the AUTIN platform by incorporating it with their top models and algorithms, as well as fault prediction and prevention methods. Undertaken through employing a large number of digital and AI-enabled measures, the results have significantly improved the platform’s digital O&M capabilities.

In terms of operations, Huawei provides the ADO platform and using machine learning and other AI technologies, this platform can comprehensively manage the poor QoE rate of home users and customer complaints. It can accurately identify customer service needs, and automatically push related services to customers based on preset policies. ADO helps carriers quickly respond to customer needs and ensure high-quality, meticulous online communication for users working from home. This in turn improves the overall revenue of carriers.

During the pandemic, the top priority for business is to stay connected with customers. Huawei's AI Contact Center (AICC) solution provides a video-based, intelligent, and open platform. Together with carriers, the AICC solution offers scenario-based customer services for vertical industries such as government, healthcare, insurance, Internet, and banking. Using AI technology, Huawei's AICC greatly improves both the customer interaction experience and customer service efficiency. For example, imagine an auto insurance company using AICC for online loss assessment, approval, and reimbursement; the entire process takes only a few minutes and eliminates the need to interact in person. This makes the process easier, faster and safer for all involved.

None of the preceding services would be possible without Huawei’s powerful General Digital Engine (GDE). As a unified platform and ecosystem that provides linear extension support and microservices, Huawei's GDE continuously meets ever-changing service and product requirements.

The Huawei User Group Meeting Advisory Board consists of 12 customers together with over 440 customer volunteers. The Advisory Board has collaborated with Huawei project teams for 12 years and participated in more than 61 big issue improvement projects. With their help, Huawei continuously improves the quality of its products, services, and solutions, and dedicates itself to creating real, tangible value for customers.

"The main purpose of this meeting is to listen to your voice, suggestions, and expectations. I believe your feedback the driving force behind Huawei's improvements," Tang concluded.

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