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Huawei's Ryan Ding: Maximize Network Value, Enable Commercial Success

Sep 09, 2020

[Shenzhen, China, September 9, 2020] The 12th Annual Huawei User Group Meeting kicked off today with the keynote speech "Maximize Network Value, Enable Commercial Success", by Ryan Ding, Huawei Executive Director and President of the Carrier Business Group. This year's meeting is being held online September 9–11.

Huawei has been working closely with carriers to provide superior digital services despite the pandemic, according to Ding. Together, Huawei and the carriers aim to achieve two goals: The first is turning crises into opportunities, to ensure continuous service delivery and network operations and management (O&M) during the pandemic. To make that happen, Huawei is focused on resuming work while keeping its employees safe and sound. Second, Huawei is determined to turn the momentum seen in 5G into value, maximizing network value and enabling 5G's commercial success.

Ryan Ding Huawei User Group Meeting 2020

Ryan Ding speaks at Huawei User Group Meeting 2020

To achieve these goals, Huawei has launched several initiatives:

First, Huawei is maintaining uninterrupted delivery and network O&M during the pandemic without compromising user experience. This includes online delivery through Huawei's Integrated Service Delivery Platform (ISDP), remote O&M services through its technical assistance centers (TACs), and contactless O&M via the AUTIN system. The contactless and digital models continue to boost delivery and O&M efficiency while ensuring employee safety.

  • The ISDP supports functions like digital data collection, AR-assisted installation, and AI-enabled quality and acceptance checks to allow faster network rollout. This means service delivery is moving online without interrupting onsite operations during the pandemic.
  • Customer networks continue to run stably with measures like proactive prevention, remote support from TACs, effective spare parts management, expert support worldwide, and remote customer engagement.
  • Huawei was the first to propose the idea of contactless O&M. Machine assistance provided by its AUTIN system ensures both the safety of O&M personnel and service continuity.

Second, Huawei is working to maximize network value and enable commercial success in 5G during the pandemic. Specifically, Huawei will achieve this by meeting the pent-up demand for data, building the best 5G networks driven by experience, and developing new capabilities targeting the B2B sector.

  • During the pandemic, traffic hotspots have shifted from business districts to neighborhoods. Huawei's digital CWR solution can help predict data traffic using AI, develop traffic models that meet the needs of the changing environment during the pandemic, and agilely expand network capacity or add sites. This solution gives carriers accurate insights into the changes in network-wide traffic, unleashes the pent-up demand for data, and maximizes network value.
  • In the early stages of the 5G rollout, if 4G and 5G coverage are poorly coordinated, 5G experience can suffer, which may damage 5G's reputation. Built on the unified and open Discovery digital platform, Huawei's B.E.S.T. Network solution for 5G intelligently identifies poor, dumb, and fake 5G networks and provides suggestions for improvement. In addition, the solution works with products to dynamically adjust 4G and 5G spectrum and power, reduce 4G congestion, and create synergies between 4G and 5G while continuing to provide the best network experience.
  • To adapt to the needs of different industries, new 5G capabilities targeting B2B need to be developed, including network planning, construction, maintenance, optimization, and operations. This will help carriers speed up 5G commercialization at scale and tap into a new blue ocean presented by the 5G B2B market.

At the User Group Meeting, Ding also emphasized that Huawei values customer-centricity and craftsmanship while focusing on critical issues and continuously increasing customer satisfaction. Huawei has put in place an industry-leading network assurance mechanism for incident prevention and response in addition to a tiered global customer assurance system. These help ensure stable and healthy operations for more than 1,500 customer networks that Huawei has deployed in 170 countries.

The theme of this year's Huawei User Group Meeting is "Listening, Cooperation, Improvement". Attendees will share how to use technology to ensure network security and stability while keeping their employees safe. They will also explore how to unleash network potential to maximize value and monetize 5G networks.

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