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Huawei's MBB Business Class Solution Enables China Unicom Hebei to Kick-Start Wo MBB Acceleration

Jun 18, 2020

[Shijiazhuang, China, June 18, 2020] China Unicom Hebei has launched its Wo MBB Acceleration service to provide users with guaranteed high speed and low latency, signifying the world's first commercial adoption of Huawei's Mobile Broadband (MBB) Business Class solution.

Wo MBB Acceleration is China Unicom Hebei’s latest development working with Huawei and is based on Huawei’s Mobile Broadband (MBB) Business Class solution. Through the implementation of 5G technologies and intelligent solutions on 4G networks, this service guarantees 5G-like interactive experience with high speed and low latency, even when 5G is temporarily not available to users. It supports precise user-oriented operations and differentiated service policies, enabling the carrier to transform business operations and monetize the experience.

Signing ceremony for Wo MBB Acceleration and IPTV Strategic Cooperation between China Unicom Hebei and Huawei

China Unicom Hebei has been exploring the transformation of business operations from network-oriented models based on key performance indicators (KPIs) to customer-driven patterns focusing on key quality indicators (KQIs). Its latest achievement, in partnership with Huawei, is represented by the new Wo MBB Acceleration service based on the MBB Business Class solution.

Wo MBB Acceleration service can now be subscribed to at China Unicom Hebei's customer service centers as well as on its app and official WeChat account.

The new service enables customers to improve their experience with just a single click for smooth high-definition (HD) video playback and responsive mobile gameplay. Network connections can still be smoothly accessed even in extreme network conditions, for example, at the site of a large concert. The service also provides the carrier with a new tool to conduct precise marketing, grow its user base, and drive revenue growth in parallel with the transformation of business operations from traffic monetization to experience monetization.

  • One-click dynamic speed increase

Based on Huawei's SmartCare® SOC platform, the MBB Business Class Solution empowers carriers with experience visualization, management, and enhancement capabilities.
The MBB Business Class Solution leverages dynamic privileged channels and prioritized air-interface scheduling to enable MBB service acceleration, ensuring intuitive and quantifiable improvement for target users in guaranteed data speed and transmission latency.

  • 5G-like experience on 4G networks

5G has led to revolutionary breakthroughs in data rates, latency, and reliability. The MBB Business Class Solution enables users to enjoy a 5G-like experience on 4G networks.

  • Rapid user base expansion

Through tapping into Huawei's SmartCare® precise marketing solution, the MBB Business Class Solution streamlines network O&M and operation data to help provide a visualized experience and launch real-time targeted marketing events. This will enable carriers to provide targeted customers with the most desired services.

Carriers are now faced with the multifaceted challenges of full-service business operations and increasingly homogeneous product offerings. With Huawei's MBB Business Class solution, they can practice precise operation based on differentiated experiences, which will put them in a stronger position to boost user operation capabilities in segmented markets and build a solid foundation for industrial slice operations in the 5G era.

Hu Lexin, China Unicom Hebei's deputy general manager, said: "We will continue to work with Huawei to develop high-quality 5G networks and provide new services based on these networks to meet users’ diverse requirements in the 5G era."

Mr. Hu Lexin, speaking at the launch ceremony

Liang Shiming, Director of Huawei's Service Experience Consulting & System Integration Department, said: "As 5G has arrived, carriers are now actively exploring multi-dimensional experience operations. Huawei's MBB Business Class solution helps carriers deliver differentiated experiences through precise operations, facilitating the transformation of business operations and experience monetization in the new era."

China Unicom Hebei has also launched precise operations for IPTV video value-added services in partnership with Huawei, aiming to integrate online and offline operations to provide an all-new video experience and an enhanced business brand. China Unicom Hebei and Huawei will continue to draw on each other's strengths to further advance the cooperative operations of the Wo MBB Acceleration and video services.