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Huawei AI Powers HPC Transformation and Takes Industries to the Next Level

Jun 22, 2020

[Shenzhen, China, June 22, 2020] Today, the International Supercomputing Conference opened online to highlight the latest in high-performance computing (HPC) for scientific and commercial applications. The event is bringing thousands of engineers, IT experts, system developers, and scientists from around the world together to discuss the theme of Shaping Tomorrow. Huawei has been invited to the Vendor Showdown and Exhibitor Forum at the conference.

Dr. Zhou Bin, CTO of Huawei Ascend Computing, introduced the HPC solution and AI product portfolio of Huawei, featuring the Huawei Atlas 900 AI cluster. He explained how AI is converging with HPC to bolster computing for HPC solutions across application domains, including supercomputing centers, manufacturing simulation, weather prediction, gene sequencing, and energy exploration.

Huawei Atlas 900 AI cluster

Supercomputing plays a vital role in astronomical research. Dr. Zhou discussed the challenges facing supercomputing architecture in meeting the requirements for exascale computing and exabyte storage in the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project. The project demands new levels of scalability, affordability, stability, and algorithm adaptability.

Huawei solutions, including ARM HPC and Atlas 900 AI cluster, form the supercomputing prototype for astronomical data analysis at the SKA regional center in China.

The ARM HPC prototype uses Huawei TaiShan 200 servers as primary compute and management nodes. Its hybrid deployment with Atlas heterogeneous nodes and x86 nodes processes the complex workloads of cosmic reionization, spectral lines, continuous spectrum imaging, pulsar searches, galaxy classification, and transient source searches. Independent shared storage and task scheduling are implemented in data islands. The data islands of platforms carrying diversified services are interconnected through high-speed networks to flexibly reorganize resources for higher flexibility and stability. This solution works with the storage management system and execution framework of the SKA community to process massive sets of astronomical data.

Huawei TaiShan server

Huawei is pushing forward in the HPC domain with continuous investment and innovation to provide diversified computing power for the world. The HPC solutions of Huawei drive HPC transformation to push global industries to the next level.