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Huawei Atlas 900 AI Cluster Wins the Only Best of Show Award for AI at Interop Tokyo 2020

Jun 05, 2020

[Tokyo, Japan, June 5, 2020] The jury panel at Interop Tokyo 2020 has given the Huawei Atlas 900 AI cluster the Best of Show Award in recognition of its powerful AI computing and superior heat dissipation. Huawei Atlas 900 is the only AI product of 2020 to receive the Best of Show Award. The exceptional performance of Atlas 900 is a catalyst for global AI research and drives AI application across industries.

Huawei Atlas 900 receives the only Best of Show Award for AI at Interop Tokyo 2020

The Best of Show Award is the highest honor of the Interop conference. Only products which meet the high standards of quality demanded by the Japanese IT market are considered.

Tony Xu, President of Huawei Ascend Computing, said, "The Huawei Atlas AI computing solution provides powerful computing and ultimate energy efficiency for all AI scenarios across devices, the edge, and the cloud. The Atlas 900 AI cluster provides data centers with powerful computing, high linearity, and the best energy efficiency to accelerate data-intensive research, such as astronomical exploration, weather prediction, oil exploration, and gene sequencing. Research breakthroughs translate into practical benefits for people worldwide."

Atlas 900 is the fastest AI training cluster in the world. It delivers a total computing power of 256 to 1024 petaFLOPS at half precision (FP16), equivalent to the computing power of 500,000 personal computers. Atlas 900 shattered the world record on the ResNet-50 benchmark test for model training by completing training in 59.8 seconds. Atlas 900 is the only product capable of completing the training in under a minute. Atlas 900 has broad applications in scientific research and business innovation for faster training of AI models with images and videos.

Atlas 900 integrates three interfaces for high-speed interconnection: Huawei Cache Coherence System (HCCS), PCIe 4.0, and 100G Ethernet. The Atlas 900 AI cluster leverages the Huawei CloudEngine data center switches to work on a 100 TB/s full-mesh, non-blocking dedicated network for parameter synchronization. The network slashes parameter synchronization latency by 10 to 70 percent to streamline AI model training.

Heat dissipation is a critical issue for an AI training cluster with such high computing power. That is why the Atlas 900 AI cluster adopts a groundbreaking system for heat dissipation. It leads industry innovation with a full liquid cooling solution and a rack-scale enclosed adiabatic design. This design delivers tremendous heat dissipation even for single racks with power consumption of up to 50 kW. It achieves a power usage effectiveness (PUE) of below 1.1 for data centers, almost reaching the ideal PUE of 1.0. Atlas 900 improves over air-cooled 8-kW racks by reducing equipment room space by 79%. Its innovative liquid cooling system provides energy-intensive, high-density, and low-PUE deployment to drastically reduce customer TCO.

Huawei is fostering cooperation to build the Ascend computing industry with open hardware, open source software, and partner enablement. Huawei provides full-stack AI computing infrastructure and application solutions to power industries with AI and create pervasive intelligence.