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WTTx Suite Empowers Smart Axiata to Achieve Home Broadband Success

Feb 22, 2020

[Shenzhen, China, February 22, 2020] The number of Smart @Home users in Cambodia has increased significantly by the end of 2019. One of the contributing factors to this success is the WTTx Suite by Huawei, the industry’s first AI-based solution that enables end-to-end (E2E) service automation, which was deployed in Smart’s network at the end of 2018.

Due to the dynamic-nature of the telecommunication wireless environment, it is normally difficult to accurately predict which areas have demand for WTTx services and the associated throughput the network may be able to provide. The traditional solution is very time consuming, resource intensive and is lower in accuracy, as everything is normally done manually.

Using AI technology, the WTTx Suite is able to provide highly reliable pre-sale evaluation in terms of the location, service package and CPE customer requirements based on the coverage, throughput and resources of the network. The integration of this Huawei module with Smart’s ePOS system and mobile app enables E2E workflow automation. It also identifies network as well as CPE issues in a faster way, improves customer satisfaction rate as well as reduces churn rate.

To date, the WTTx Suite has been deployed in more than 60 networks in 35 countries worldwide. The 5G WTTx Suite 2.0 solution, which will be made available in Q1 2020, is expected to provide improved integration between the service provisioning and management workflows of service providers. The upgraded version of the current WTTx Suite will facilitate rapid development as well as efficient management of wireless broadband services in the 5G-era and comprehensively promote the development of the broadband industry. This not only meets the requirements for rapid home broadband (HBB) in developed countries but also accelerates the penetration of affordable HBB services in developing countries.

This year, Smart and Huawei are committed to collaborate further to bring exceptional broadband services and experiences to more unconnected homes as well as people in Cambodia.