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Huawei Launches Industry’s First Site Digital Twins Based 5G Digital Engineering Solution

Feb 21, 2020

[London, UK, February 21, 2020] Huawei has launched its ground-breaking 5G digital engineering solution at the Products and Solutions Launch today. It is the industry’s first ever solution which works on the idea of site digital twins proposed by Huawei. The solution creates a digital replica of a physical site, enabling digital operations on the digital site. Completely overhauling the traditional delivery model, it accelerates 5G rollout.

Site digital twins enable associated and digital management of site infrastructure throughout the entire lifecycle from planning, design, deployment to maintenance. Based on the site digital twins, Huawei further leverages advanced photogrammetry, AI technologies, and proposes T-BIM (Telecom-Building Information Modelling), digital network specification applicable to the telecom industry, to reshape the digital delivery model of the telecom industry. First of all, from the traditional manual survey to the digital panorama scanning, it avoids any error caused by manual measurement and data input. For engineering design, it ensures “what you see is what you get,” ranging from two-dimensional tables to three-dimensional model visual design. So it can provide precise solutions for various requirements such as space and energy over the 5G sites via 3D space evaluation & design energy evaluation& design, etc. The installation can be sped up and made accurate by using 3D and AR views through mobile apps to guide onsite operations. In addition, repeated site visits for rectification and manpower of operators can be vastly reduced by shifting the acceptance from manual to AI-based image recognition technology. This E2E 5G digital engineering solution greatly shortens the 5G construction time and improves the network construction quality.

Huawei has been cooperating with various operators from Western Europe, Middle East, South Africa and China on 5G digital engineering solutions. Looking ahead, Huawei will continue to invest in 5G digital deployment and apply AI technologies to achieve digital delivery transformation and lead industry development.