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Huawei Launches the Industry's First E2E 400GE Routers with Committed SLA—NetEngine 8000 Series Intelligent Routers

Feb 20, 2020

[London, UK, February 20, 2020] Today, Huawei launched the NetEngine 8000 series, the industry's first E2E 400GE routers oriented towards the 5G and cloud era, which redefines the intelligent IP network with ultra-broadband and committed SLA.

Daniel Tang, CTO of Huawei's Data Communication Product Line, at the product launch event of NetEngine 8000 series routers

In the coming 5G and cloud era, with the rapid development of services such as Cloud VR/AR, 4K/8K, and site-to-cloud private lines, traffic is estimated to increase by 10 times over the next 10 years. As 5G enables a multitude of industries, the IP network is transforming from the original public network oriented towards B2C services to the production network oriented towards B2B vertical industries, which places stricter requirements on network quality. This requires the network to provide SLA assurance, including committed bandwidth and latency and high availability.

Daniel Tang, CTO of Huawei's Data Communication Product Line, said, "To address the network challenges in the 5G and cloud era, Huawei has innovatively developed the industry's first E2E 400GE routers, - NetEngine 8000 - and the industry's first committed SLA solution to deliver 400GE and committed SLA on IP networks."

Industry's First E2E 400GE Routers for Building Future-oriented Ultra-Broadband Networks

NetEngine 8000 series routers, including the industry's only 300 mm-deep box-shaped routers and the industry's highest-density modular routers with thirty-six 400GE interfaces per slot, are the intelligent 400GE routers oriented towards the 5G and cloud era. The series meets the ever-increasing traffic growth of the metro network, backbone network, and data center scenarios. And when it comes to 400GE standardization, Huawei is the chief contributor, as well as the only vendor that can provide transmission distances of 10, 40, and 80 km. Huawei launched the industry's first 400GE commercial use in February 2019.

NetEngine 8000 is the industry's first platform to carry full services, such as 5G mobile, home broadband, private lines, and cloud, which helps operators build a simplified network with optimized investment.

Industry's First Intelligent IP Network Solution with Committed SLA

  • Guaranteed bandwidth. In traditional networks, all services share bandwidth resources. The bandwidth of key services, such as vertical industry services, may fail to be guaranteed. Huawei is the first in the industry to propose hard isolation through FlexE-based network slicing in order to ensure zero bandwidth preemption among services and 100% bandwidth guarantee for key services. The granularity of Huawei's FlexE-based network slicing is five times finer than the industry average, providing high-quality guarantee for more services.
  • Committed latency. Huawei is the first in the industry to support SRv6-based path computation. The path with the optimal latency can be selected based on services' latency requirements, so that low latency can be guaranteed for key services. Huawei is the major contributor of SRv6 standards and have participated in the formulation of over 83% of standards. To date, Huawei has carried out over 20 commercial deployments worldwide.
  • High availability. Huawei is the first in the industry to propose the in-situ Flow Information Telemetry (iFIT) technology in order to support service-based and flow-based performance detection as well as SLA visualization. iMaster NCE is used together to provide fault locating within minutes, which ensures high network availability. Thanks to these benefits, Huawei's iFIT solution won Best of Show Award Special Prize at Interop Tokyo 2019.

As a leading intelligent IP network provider in the world, Huawei has continuously invested in R&D for 24 years. In the router domain, Huawei gains No. 1 market shares in two consecutive years. Huawei's products and solutions serve more than 130 regions and countries around the world. In the upcoming 5G and cloud era, Huawei will continuously construct ultra-broadband intelligent IP networks with committed SLA for operators worldwide.