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China Mobile Zhejiang and Huawei Complete 800G Optical Transport Trial on Live Networks

Feb 28, 2020

[Shenzhen, China, February 28, 2020] China Mobile (Zhejiang) and Huawei completed the first live trial of a 800G ultra-high-speed optical transport network, marking a step closer to the commercialization of the 800G optical transport network solution. This will support the development of advanced services such as 5G, big data, and cloud computing.

As a leading provincial operator in China, China Mobile (Zhejiang) provides high-quality mobile and fixed communication services for tens of millions of users. Network traffic will continue to increase sharply in the next five years as new technologies and services such as 5G, cloud computing, big data, and AR/VR approach maturity. Therefore, the construction of transmission infrastructures in addition to the evolution of equipment and technology must make strides to keep up with the wave of the digital flood.

Huawei’s 800G ultra-high-speed optical transport solution strives to meet China Mobile (Zhejiang)'s large-capacity transmission requirements. The solution uses Huawei’s 800G tunable ultra-high-speed optical module, which supports bandwidth and wavelength spacing adjustment and enables up to 48 Tbit/s per-fiber capacity, which is 6 times the capacity of traditional 100G networks and can support 1 million concurrent 4K users. The solution is mature and has both leading performance and capacity. Furthermore, Huawei has end-to-end delivery capability and supply chain assurance, and is in a leading position in performance, capacity, and solution maturity. Two data centers at a distance of 80 km were used in this trial. The trial successfully confirmed that the 800G solution performed and functioned as expected, indicating its upcoming commercial release.

As a leading telecommunications operator, China Mobile (Zhejiang) is highly interested in large-capacity transport technologies, including 800G optical transport technology. Huawei's 800G high-speed transport technology greatly improves the transport efficiency of optical networks. Therefore, China Mobile (Zhejiang) plans to strengthen its cooperation with Huawei to accelerate the application of innovative technologies, build more efficient optical networks, and provide high-quality connection services to cope with explosive traffic growth.

Simon Lu, President of Huawei's Transmission Network Domain, said, "We are delighted to have completed the first operator-based 800G trial with China Mobile (Zhejiang). This is a milestone in the global commercial use of Huawei's 800G solution. Huawei will continue investing in R&D to provide high-quality, reliable, and evolvable solutions while helping China Mobile (Zhejiang) achieve greater business success."