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Huawei Releases New Products and Solutions of 5G Indoor Coverage

Feb 20, 2020

[London, UK, February 20, 2020] Huawei will unveil its latest 5G digital indoor system (DIS) series products in the coming Huawei Products and Solutions Launch Conference in London. This series products allow for flexible adaptation to a broad category of indoor scenarios, ranging from high capacity to medium-low traffic and small and medium enterprises (SMEs). An ultra-wideband network sharing solution will also be launched to provide extra support for operators to pursue 5G indoor network construction.

5G commercial deployment started in 2019, with key indoor scenarios being prioritized by operators for the first-round of 5G construction. 5G services with varying characteristics are now expected in more indoor scenarios, and therefore operators require scenario-specific solutions to satisfy user requirements. Huawei's DIS family consists of 5G LampSite Pro, 5G LampSite Sharing, LightSite, and LampSite Spartan, providing a basis for operators to achieve this goal.

providing a basis for operators to achieve this goal. 5G LampSite Pro, commercially launched in 2019, offers a perfect solution for operators to develop indoor networks in places requiring a high capacity and premium experience. By the end of 2019, more than 60% of global digital indoor product shipments were for 5G LampSite Pro. The latest edition of 5G LampSite Pro supports higher specifications of up to 200 MHz NR bandwidth and an increased transmit power, with which operators can further improve capacity and experience.

5G LampSite Sharing is the industry's first indoor network sharing solution that supports an ultra-wide 400 MHz bandwidth on the 3.4 to 3.8 GHz bands with a single headend. For network sharing in large public places having a massive capacity demand, this enables the number of network devices to be downsized and engineering and O&M costs to be further reduced.

LightSite is the solution tailored to common indoor places with medium-low traffic demands. It has a compact size and boasts simplified specification, quick deployment, and simple O&M, allowing operators to quickly supplement 5G indoor coverage for office buildings and hotels.

LampSite Spartan is suitable for small offices, fitness rooms, restaurants and retail stores. It boasts a two-level architecture with a small-capacity BBU directly connecting to pRRUs, ensuring network flexibility. It supports both 4G and 5G, and allows one pRRU to be connected to multiple antennas.

Powered by these four leading products, Huawei's 5G DIS solution moves operators a long way towards accelerated large-scale 5G deployments in various indoor locations with improved efficiency. This will be of great significance in achieving wide indoor 5G coverage.

Marvin Chen, President of Huawei's Digital Indoor System Product Line, said: “As a global leading 5G indoor network equipment vendor, Huawei is committed to helping operators address challenges associated with indoor 5G development. In line with our deep understanding of customer requirements, we will press on to deliver technologically leading indoor network products and solutions through persistent innovations. With these leading products and solutions, we will continue to help customers provide high-quality indoor 5G services."