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Huawei DQ ODN Named Leading Innovation by IDATE DigiWord

Dec 27, 2020

[Shenzhen, China, December 27, 2020] The ODN: Market Driven by Innovation report released by IDATE DigiWorld rated the Huawei DQ ODN as a leading innovation thanks to its fast fiber deployment and enhanced digital management for optical distribution network (ODN).

As a renowned analyst organization, IDATE DigiWorld observes and reports on the progress of FTTH/B network deployment all over the world. Their latest white paper analyzes the development trend and potential of the ODN industry, and evaluates more than 50 global mainstream ODN vendors in terms of product and solution innovation and integration capabilities, providing a reference for telecom operators to select vendors and solutions. The Huawei DQ ODN solution was recognized as a leading innovation, indicating that Huawei's innovation and investment in the ODN field has been highly recognized by the industry.

Global fiber networks are key to achieving FTTH/FTTB, and the speed of their deployment is accelerating. IDATE reported that global FTTH/FTTB deployment will continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.8% in the next few years. However, factors including the slow network construction speed and high O&M costs of ODN products and solutions can directly affect operators' investment, which has laid the path for pre-connection and digital technologies to become new trends for the ODN industry. Operators have a strong preference for suppliers with leading innovation and solution integration capabilities that allows faster and cheaper FTTH/B rollout.

Huawei released the QuickODN solution in February 2019, aiming to accelerate fiber deployment by leveraging innovative pre-connection technologies. In the following year, Huawei upgraded the solution to Digital QuickODN (DQ ODN), helping operators quickly build quality, visualized, and manageable ODNs. With its innovative pre-connection technologies, QuickODN provides operators with an end-to-end splicing-free network construction solution, slashing network construction investment. On top of this, DigitalODN leverages AI image recognition and optical iris technologies to automatically collect ODN link topology and loss information, achieving visualized resource management and 100% accuracy. This realizes fast service provisioning and precise fault locating, helping operators reduce OPEX.

Currently, more than 80 global operators have adopted Huawei's ODN products, empowering more than 100 million lines with precise planning, fast deployment, and digital O&M. Huawei will continue to provide innovative ODN products and solutions to help customers reduce network construction costs, improve efficiency, build cutting-edge ODNs, and realize commercial success.

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