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Huawei Released the 5GtoB Suite Solution to Power the Operator Industry Network Services

Nov 13, 2020

[Shanghai, China, November 13, 2020] During the 2020 Global Mobile Broadband Forum, Yang Chaobin, President of Huawei Wireless Product Line, announced 5GtoB Suite, an O&M solution oriented to operator industry networks.

5G and AI technologies are crucial to transforming various socioeconomic fields, and as next-generation technologies, they are accelerating network deployment and giving new life to industries. As more network construction and maintenance are now needed, industries are already posing greater requirements than they did for traditional networks. New opportunities and challenges are also now open to operators. Changing network operations and O&M patterns from Best-Effort to SLA-centric is becoming more and more urgent. 5GtoB Suite provides industry networks with intelligent and precise planning, simplified on-demand provisioning, and proactive network O&M for the planning, construction, maintenance, and optimization phases of ToB networks. Its implementation will further the momentum and impact of 5G wireless network services in the operator industry.

5GtoB Suite solution

Huawei released the 5GtoB Suite solution

Intelligent and Precise Planning: Meeting SLA Requirements of Operator Industry Network Deployment

5G networks must meet differentiated SLA requirements of various services and industries. 5GtoB Suite can intelligently translate network construction requirements, meeting them without barriers. By comprehensively analyzing massive data such as service traffic models, network scenarios, and industry device types, and by using AI deep learning algorithms, it supports link-level performance planning and simulation, implements automatic device planning and deployment, and automatically allocates and evaluates radio resources. Simplified planning and on-demand allocation of radio network resource slices can now be achieved in hours, while one-off planning accuracy is greater than 95%.

Simplified On-demand Provisioning: Adaptive Differentiated Network Settings to Implement Simplified Services

5G is capable of providing differentiated network capabilities and high reliability to meet diversified industry demands. 5GtoB Suite satisfies these demands by providing differentiated features and by automatically setting differentiated parameters. With linkage of intelligent planning, 5GtoB Suite intelligently generates and automatically delivers network configurations such as cells, features, and network resources, shortening the network deployment period from days to just hours. If there are frequent service changes to production lines in campus, the adaptive reconfiguration of cells and features can reduce manual operations, and automatically and flexibly adjust 5GtoB networks.

Proactive O&M: Real-time SLA Monitoring and Fault Prediction and Prevention on Both Device and Network Sides

5G networks must meet industry users' requirements for always-on access. 5GtoB Suite provides trustworthy SLA monitoring and prediction on device and network sides. With fast and accurate fault locating and AI-based prediction and prevention, it implements precise O&M to meet users' needs and quickly responds to faults, helping reduce costs caused by onsite maintenance.

Based on real-time reporting and data analysis on network and device sides, 5GtoB Suite provides multi-dimensional performance visualization at the industry, slice, and network levels. It locates and demarcates faults within 5 minutes, and reproduces fault scenarios and fault points in 3D to implement prompt network self-healing or fault rectification. With AI, it predicts and prevents faults such as wireless network performance faults and link failures up to 15 days in advance, allows industry users to preemptively detect and handle faults, and proactively guarantees SLA, building highly reliable 5GtoB networks.

Huawei has accumulated years of experience and practice in the eMBB network O&M to innovate and improve network intelligence. In future ToB scenarios, network intelligence and automation are bound to play a greater role in meeting differentiated SLA requirements. 5GtoB Suite focuses on manageable, controllable, and visible networks, bringing powerful, new ways to encourage the development of operator industry network services.

At the 2020 Global Mobile Broadband Forum, Huawei will share insights into global industry trends and hot topics with carriers, regulators, partners, and media analysts from around the world. They will explore how innovation in ICT technologies such as 5G and AI can be mutually beneficial to industries and society at large. For more information, please visit: