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Huawei Signs MoUs with Partners to Boost 5G Deterministic Networking Industry Development

Oct 10, 2020

[Shanghai, China, October 10, 2020] Huawei signed MoUs with Huicui Intelligent Technology, China Sports Media, and Blaz Information Technology during HUAWEI CONNECT 2020. Joint efforts will be made to promote 5G deterministic networks in vertical industries and unlock industry applications, fueling the digital transformation of society as a whole.

5G deterministic networks, paired with the machine vision industry, will lift 5G+Machine Vision to new heights, and such a combination will give inspirations to other fields and become one of the core capabilities of the industrial Internet platform. Huawei has collaborated extensively with Huicui in 5G+Machine Vision, which has been highly recognized at home and abroad. The MoU signals that the two parties will continue and deepen their cooperation, to explore new services and applicable scenarios, promote the maturity of technologies, and accelerate the commercialization of 5G+Machine Vision.

signing a MoU 1

Dai Jisheng, President of Strategy & Business Development Dept, Huawei CCN, and Zhou Caijian, Chairperson of Huicui Intelligent Technology, signing a MoU

In June this year, Huawei, together with China Sports Media and industry partners, debuted the industry's first MEC-based 5G video broadcast app, giving fans a brand-new way to watch sports matches and letting them enjoy an immersive experience. Later in August, Huawei and industry partners jointly released the 5G Smart Stadium White Paper, providing reference to the digital upgrades of stadiums. This is just the beginning of what smart stadiums will mean for sports fans. With this agreement, Huawei and China Sports Media will dive deeper into 5G+Smart Stadium, infusing new impetus to the transformation of conventional stadiums.

signing a MoU 2

Qiu Xuefeng, President of Huawei Packet Core Network Product Line, and Liu Yu, Vice President of China Sports Media (Beijing), signing a MoU

In December 2019, Huawei, Blaz, and Shenzhen Mobile demonstrated 5G MEC+AR Advertising Screen at Shenzhen Airport, providing passengers with rich AR applications pertaining to education, culture, and tourism, and delivering an ultimate experience. The MoU will reinforce the collaboration between Huawei and Blaz. The two sides will spare no efforts to explore the elegant combination of 5G MEC and AR technologies and accelerate the construction of smart airports.

signing a MoU 3

Qiu Xuefeng, President of Huawei Packet Core Network Product Line, and Zhu Wenzhen, Founder and CEO of Shenzhen Blaz Information Technology, signing a MoU

5G will boost deterministic networks and gives impetus to digital transformation of enormous industries. 5G deterministic networks will leverage key technologies such as MEC, network slicing, and 5G LAN, to create predictable, adaptable, verifiable, and deterministic dedicated mobile networks for different industries, delivering differentiated service experience. The MoU will help optimize resource utilization among various industries, facilitate experience accumulation, and rapidly pass tailored 5G network capabilities to all industries.

5G will radically reshape mobile communications, and thus has been given top priority in China's New Infrastructure initiative. With this initiative at its foundation, 5G will kick the national economy up a gear. It will empower many sectors beyond our expectation during their digitalization. Huawei will work with more and more industry partners to accelerate and promote the in-depth application of 5G deterministic networks in vertical industries. Together, we will create a better future with 5G.