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Sunrise and Huawei enter into strategic partnership with Agroscope for 5G farm

Sep 17, 2019

[Tänikon, Switzerland, September 17, 2019] Sunrise, Huawei and Agroscope have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for a 5G farm. The three parties intend to establish a strategic cooperation to assert their leading role in smart farming, particularly with 5G in agriculture. In the framework of this partnership, 5G applications are being tested at the Swiss Future Farm in Tänikon (TG).

“In terms of environmental resources and environmental protection, 5G plays a key role. When it comes to smart farming, we are pleased to be supporting Agroscope and the Swiss Future Farm in Tänikon with our leading 5G network and our services,” said Olaf Swantee, CEO of Sunrise.

“The Swiss Future Farm will make smart farming tangible in the field and in the stable, and serve as a unique platform in Europe when it comes to new technologies in agriculture and in the food industry. At the Swiss Future Farm, Agroscope is looking into which new technologies will be useful for Swiss agriculture. We are excited to see what advantages the new 5G technologies by Sunrise and Huawei can bring for Swiss agriculture,” Nadja El Benni, Head of Competitiveness and System Evaluation of Agroscope, said enthusiastically.

“As we know, 5G is the foundation of digital transformation, and it allows us to reduce the digital gap between rural and urban areas, especially in regions that do not have fiber optic connections, such as farms. We will develop innovative applications that use the 5G network to enable efficient working as well as a reduction in energy consumption,” said Haitao Wang, CEO of Huawei Switzerland.