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Huawei Launches the AirFlash 5G Microwave Enterprise Solution for Efficient Industry Connections

Sep 21, 2019

[Shanghai, China, September 21, 2019] At HUAWEI CONNECT 2019, Huawei launched the AirFlash 5G Microwave enterprise solution. This solution is able to provide high-bandwidth 5G connections on all bands in a wide range of vertical scenarios, including public security, energy, transport, media, and campus.

In vertical industries, the applications are becoming increasingly intelligent and information-driven, which requires bearer networks to have large capacity, wide coverage, high security, and high reliability. Huawei's AirFlash 5G Microwave enterprise solution allows enterprises to easily accommodate such requirements. It offers them a good option to achieve large-capacity wireless connections in areas where fiber and other wired connections are costly, time-consuming to construct, and difficult to maintain. It supports a per-site maximum bandwidth of 20 Gbit/s and a 99.999% carrier-class link availability, which means that the annual downtime will be less than 5 minutes. Its construction and O&M costs are much lower than wired-connection counterparts in delivering efficient and reliable bearer functions.

Yang Xi, President of Huawei's microwave product line, launches the AirFlash 5G Microwave enterprise solution

5G wireless technologies

AirFlash 5G Microwave leverages multiple 5G technologies. This makes it to work on full bands (including Sub 6 GHz unlicensed bands, 6~42 GHz common bands, and mmWave bands in 80 GHz) and to support ultra-high speed, automation, and excellent anti-interference, eliminating the access and backhaul bottlenecks for high-bandwidth services such as 4K HD videos.

Maximum 20 Gbit/s per site

This solution introduces the innovative dual-band microwave technology and uses E-band mmWave. As a result, a single site can have a maximum capacity of 20 Gbit/s, providing capabilities of interworking with optical backbone networks.

Simplified site and smooth upgrade

This solution boasts an industry-leading integration, with four RF units combined into a single one, slashing 75% of components used. Its antennas use modular dual-band design, allow upgrades without antenna replacement, and support flexible combinations of dual bands, helping reduce installation space on the tower by 50%.

High security and reliability

This solution has a minimum single-hop delay of 50 µs, which excels optical fibers. This offers a robust assurance for transmission quality and meets delay requirements on HD videos and backhaul for next-generation broadband trunking base stations. This solution supports AES256, an advanced air interface encryption scheme, to ensure transmission security for enterprises. With regard to reliability standards, it meets IP67 and 10 kV surge protection requirements, making it to work normally in extremely harsh environments.

"The AirFlash 5G Microwave enterprise solution enables efficient wireless connections required for vertical applications, including HD video surveillance upload, train-to-ground high-speed data transferring, broadband trunking base station backhaul, and enterprise broadband interconnection" , said Yang Xi, President of Huawei's microwave product line. "It will significantly boost the industry's capability to seek intelligent development."

Huawei microwave has been deployed worldwide by telecom carriers and industry customers. The AirFlash 5G Microwave enterprise solution will play an important role in promoting intelligent applications in various industries as we start to embrace the 5G era.