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Haier, Mstar, China Mobile, and Huawei Jointly Launch World's First "5G+Machine Vision" Solution for Smart Factory

Sep 23, 2019

[Shanghai, China, September 23, 2019] Haier, Mstar, China Mobile and Huawei have jointly launched the world's first "5G+machine vision" solution for smart factory at Huawei Connect 2019. This solution is an achievement made by smart manufacturers, carriers, equipment vendors, and application providers. It is the first time that cloud-based machine vision systems with 5G+MEC have been combined in industrial manufacturing. The solution marks a milestone after the world's first "5G+AI” smart factory was jointly released at the end of July. It represents a big step forward in the exploration and practice of 5G smart factory.

Representatives of companies partnering on the solution at the press conference (see names below)

Some of the big names attending the conference included Liu Zili, Technical Strategy Director at Qingdao Haier Institute of Industrial Intelligence), Liu Xinwen, Director of Haier’s Digital Technology Service Platform, Zhou Rougang Vice General Manager of Hangzhou Mstar Technologies, Meng Xin, General Manager of the Industrial Energy Product R&D Dept. at the Industrial Institute of China Mobile Shanghai Branch, and Dai Jisheng President of Strategy & Business Development Dept. at Huawei Cloud Core Network and Chairman of the 5G Deterministic Networking Alliance. Liu Zili introduced the architecture, deployment, advantages, and prospects of the"5G+machine vision" solution.

Machine vision provides automatic inspection and identification, which have been widely used in industrial manufacturing, but "bottlenecks" are limiting the shift from industrial manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing. The "5G+machine vision" solution uses 5G+MEC computing capability as a basis, and selects machine vision as the upper-layer application to form an end-to-end solution. The machine vision app is deployed on MEC to achieve cloud-based control, algorithm self-optimization, and enterprise data security through data localization. In addition, this solution reduces costs and improves quality and efficiency. Cloud-based algorithms greatly reduce investment. The ultra-high bandwidth and ultra-low latency network makes the inspection more flexible and improves operations efficiency. Collaboration between big data processing and deep learning ensures an improvement of quality. Cloud-based deployment makes commissioning, maintenance, and expansion more convenient, greatly shortening their durations.

The release of the world's first "5G+machine vision" solution for smart factory also provides important reference for the implementation of 5G+MEC applications in other scenarios. The solution can be replicated and applied to fields such as smart logistics, smart campus, and smart home and becomes an important solution for enabling cross-domain, cross-platform, and cross-industry applications. Haier, Mstar, China Mobile, and Huawei will continue to deepen cooperation, innovate, and explore more smart factory scenarios.