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China Mobile and Huawei Join Hands with Industry Partners to Release the "User Experience Driven 5G Slice SLA Assurance" White Paper

Jul 02, 2019

[Shanghai, China, July 2, 2019] China Mobile and Huawei released the User Experience Driven 5G Slice SLA Assurance White Paper at the 5G Service Innovation and Network Slicing Summit & 2019 Annual Conference of the Information Communication Network Technology Committee of China Institute of Communications. The White Paper is a joint work by 5GSA members China Mobile Research Institute, Huawei, China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI), Digital Domain, and Tencent, etc. It presents new business opportunities unlocked by slice SLA assurance and new insight on assurance technology. It is believed to deliver high business value for the development of industries involved.

Yang Zhiqiang from China Mobile releases the User Experience Driven 5G Slice SLA Assurance White Paper on behalf of partners

Network slicing provides dedicated communications services alongside customized capabilities for 5G service subscribers and industry verticals. As a service agreement between operators and slice users, SLA plays a pivotal role in 5G slice development and commercialization. According to the White Paper, slice SLA assurance needs to focus on user service experience and break through traditional QoS assurance methods to establish a new 5G slicing service framework. The breakthrough approaches include uptake of big data analysis and AI technologies for intelligent analysis, resource optimization configuration, and user experience management. The Paper also analyzes 5G new business opportunities driven by slice service assurance, and puts forward systematic suggestions on the key work and sustainable progresses of SLA assurance standardization.

The promotion of 5G slice SLA assurance is critical to commercializing network slices. Intelligent development of 5G networks will rely on many approaches, one of which is to combine slicing management with big data analysis. In the future, China Mobile and Huawei will team up with operators and industry partners to continuously promote 5G slicing SLA assurance research, standardization, and industry innovation, and accelerate full commercialization of network slicing.