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China Unicom and Huawei: A 5G Trip to Space

Jun 25, 2019

[Shanghai, China, June 25, 2019] China Unicom and Huawei are jointly showcasing an immersive 5G space travel experience. During MWC Shanghai 2019, guests could use VR technology and 5G to explore Mars in immersive 3D. Throughout this adventure they feel the low latency and high speeds of 5G, and enjoy a superior experience supported by real-time cloud computing and rendering. Guests are also able to visit Huawei's China Unicom showcase, the 5G Space Station, to examine the industry use cases supported by 5G networks.

In the afternoon of June 25, 2019, Huawei and China Unicom launched the 5G Dream Trip experience van. This is one of China Unicom's first moves to commercialize its enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) services such as Cloud AR/VR, and provides consumers with more services and better experiences. This launch also shows that China Unicom and Huawei are prepared for large-scale 5G commercialization, which will benefit the growth of the industry chain.

Launch of 5G Dream Trip Experience Van

The 5G Dream Trip, supported by real-time cloud computing and rendering, relies on the large bandwidth and low latency of 5G to be presented on local devices through live steaming. These local devices does not need expensive or complicated computing and storage hardware, as they only need to deal with video decoding and input/output, greatly lowing the usage threshold.

Superior experience is always the driving force of technological advances. The demonstration and launch of the 5G Dream Trip experience van will popularize the integrated use of intelligent devices, high bandwidth, and cloud applications. In the future, consumers will be able to seamlessly switch between viewing angles when watching live streams of major sporting events, concerts, or remote education courses. They may even be able to watch VR live streams without missing a single moment, ensuring full immersion.

The design concept of Huawei's China Unicom showcase at Chateau Star River Pudong is a 5G space station. Going through a "tunnel of time and space", you arrive at the "5G space station", where Kunpeng, TaiShan, and Atlas are displayed together. The design depicts mythical figures from Eastern and Western civilizations. Guests can then experience diverse 5G industry applications, and discuss how to build an end-to-end 5G network that is fast, simplified, intelligent, and efficient. They can also visit an area displaying Huawei chips, and learn about the incredible computing power of the Kunpeng and Ascend computing platforms.

For more information, please visit MWC Shanghai 2019 from June 26 to June 29. Join us on an amazing trip to the "5G space station" in Huawei's VIP showcase for China Unicom.

MWC Shanghai 2019 will be held in Shanghai, China on June 26–28, 2019. Huawei's exhibition areas include halls E10 and E70 in Hall N1 and the Innovation City zone at booth ICA01 in Hall N5 of Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC). For more details, please refer to