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Putting IoT to Life: Huawei Shares Privacy Challenges and Practical Experiences

May 29, 2019

[The Hague, Netherlands, May 29, 2019] The GSMA Mobile 360 Series was held today in the Hague under the theme "Security for 5G", bringing together cyber security and privacy protection experts and leaders around the globe. As one of the biggest use cases for 5G, Internet of Things (IoT) has drawn wide attention in terms of cyber security and privacy protection. At the conference, Huawei's Director of EU Data Protection Office, Joerg Thomas, and Privacy Expert & Partner Dr. Felix Wittern of the international law firm Fieldfisher presented "Privacy Challenges and Practical Experiences with the Implementation of IoT", focusing on IoT privacy risks and solutions.

Joerg Thomas, Huawei's Director of EU Data Protection Office

During the presentation, Joerg Thomas and Dr. Felix Wittern showed the specific challenges on the one hand for companies to comply with privacy and data protection laws and on the other hand for users to protect their data and exercise their rights in an IoT world. They illustrated their presentation with real life examples, elaborated the legal situation, and showed practical solutions and suggestions on how to address and approach IoT projects.

Joerg Thomas said, "Privacy compliance in IoT is very challenging and it is highly recommended for developers and providers of IoT solutions to use systematic approaches, implement relevant privacy standards – once they become available – and evaluate the use of appropriate Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET) to reduce the risk and exposure of individuals' personal data."

Joerg Thomas believes that systematic and hierarchical approaches, such as privacy governance and privacy engineering capabilities, must be developed to effectively ensure GDPR compliance in the IoT personal data lifecycle, including data collection, transmission, storage, processing, sharing, deletion, etc. Privacy by Design and Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) should also be integrated into the IoT solution design and development to help identify and mitigate privacy risks related to IoT.

IoT and privacy in an IoT world is a very hot topic and will continue to be a priority and challenge for industry, law makers and users. The session inspired wide and in-depth discussions between a large number of participants and the presenters Joerg Thomas and Dr. Felix Wittern.