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Huawei Launches Cloud & AI Innovation Lab in Singapore

Four Core Advantages to Empower Intelligent Upgrades
Apr 25, 2019

[Singapore, April 25, 2019] HUAWEI CLOUD SUMMIT 2019 was held today in Singapore,HUAWEI announced the launch of Cloud & AI Innovation Lab in Singapore at the summit. The lab will cultivate local AI talents, bridge Singapore with state-of-art AI technologies globally, and accelerate Cloud & AI innovations. All these missions line up well with Singapore’s Smart Nation initiatives.

Summit attracted over 2,000 customers, partners, industry academics, and developers from Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region gathered to share and discuss innovative products and intelligent practices from fields such as cloud computing, AI (artificial intelligence), and big data.

Outstanding Cloud Services for Asia Pacific

Backed by the compute power and a wide range of AI solutions offered by HUAWEI CLOUD, the lab will provide powerful AI services and resources, including AI R&D robots, Traffic Intelligent Twins, and AI development kits. The lab opening will deepen collaboration with local universities and enterprises in carrying out research.

AI developers and companies in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region will have the opportunity to join in more research projects and innovations on AI training and learning. These R&D activities will foster top AI talent and incubate more AI applications.

HUAWEI Launches Cloud & AI Innovation Lab in Singapore

Edward Deng, President of HUAWEI CLOUD Global Market said: "Singapore is an international center of innovation, also a strategical hub for China-funded and overseas enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region. HUAWEI CLOUD attaches great importance to development in Singapore and the Asia Pacific. HUAWEI CLOUD provides industry-leading full-stack intelligent cloud services to bring together government, universities, enterprises, and partners to innovate, and to help accelerate their intelligent transformation."

HUAWEI CLOUD also announced the launch of its "Go-China/Go-Global" plan to help more enterprises develop worldwide services. The company is committed to providing the worldwide Internet, gaming, finance, and video markets with a series of unique, advantageous services that connect users globally, adapt to various networks, and lead in new trends. This plan includes exclusive services such as:

  • ARM cloud service for mobile phones.
  • High-defense IP addresses providing service traffic isolation and DDoS attack prevention.
  • Cloud video services with ultra-low distribution costs.
  • Cloud video service able to ensure continued clear broadcast in sub-par network conditions.
  • HD live broadcast for low-speed networks.

HUAWEI CLOUD will also cover key areas in Europe, Africa, China, North America, and Latin America. It provides unified management of accounts for efficient O&M and resource management, builds a stable international network with high-speed channels, and provides quality experience with its global service.

During the summit, HUAWEI CLOUD signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with multiple companies to deepen cooperation in the Asia-Pacific market in the field of cloud computing and AI. They jointly released a program to build a better-connected, smart Asia-Pacific.

At the summit, HUAWEI CLOUD also released three flagship cloud services, including:

▶ New-generation ECS C6, the industry's first new-generation Intel® Xeon® Cascade Lake processor, leading industry computing performance by 15% and able to provide 10 million PPS in network performance.

▶ Newest Object Storage Service (OBS), utilizes unique HUAWEI CLOUD algorithms to achieve the highest performance in the industry. Single-stream bandwidth reaches 2.4 Gbps, one bucket supports billions of objects, and data reliability reaches 99.99%, meeting long-term storage requirements for massive volumes of data.

▶ The new-generation high-performance distributed Taurus database has seven times the performance of native MySQL databases. It supports cross-AZ deployment and delivers an impressive 128 TB of in storage, meeting the requirements of the financial industry. This solution provides the massive-scale storage needed in high throughput conditions for carriers and large enterprises.

HUAWEI CLOUD offers more than 160 cloud services and 140 types of solutions, operating 40 availability zones in 23 geographic regions around the world. HUAWEI CLOUD has 59 types of AI services with 159 functions.

Four Advantages, Empowering Intelligent Upgrades in Singapore

Digital transformations powered by the Internet, ICT, and mobile terminals started to boom a few years ago, bringing huge benefits. The revolution today is intelligent transformation. Governments, societies, enterprises, families, and individuals are all involved. AI will bring tremendous changes and generate unprecedented productivity.

According to Edward Deng, Huawei has a profound accumulation of technical knowledge and practice. With this, HUAWEI CLOUD will continuously use its full stack and the four core advantages to enable intelligent upgrade and transformation, and accelerate service innovation. Edward spoke to four main advantages:

First, HUAWEI CLOUD+AI powers digital transformation for organizations everywhere. It helps enterprises enhance IT and business operations efficiency, increase production capacity, reduce CAPEX and OPEX, and improve business agility. Huawei estimates that almost all companies will have migrated their businesses to clouds by 2025, 97% of large enterprises will use AI, and 77% of cloud applications will rely on AI. AI will become a key competitive point in cloud.

Second, Huawei hybrid cloud is an optimal choice for large enterprises to migrate their business to the cloud. It enables some remarkable core business value, including high efficiency, low cost, top security, and freeing agility. In recent years, Huawei has maintained rapid growth in sales without adding significantly more employees to its ranks. This is because we invested heavily in ICT and promoted the large-scale application of new technologies such as cloud and AI. Huawei's 30 years of successful experience in digital transformation is now shared through HUAWEI CLOUD in the form of services. It will bring technological benefits to more enterprises. The HUAWEI CLOUD ICT solution has served 48 of the Fortune 100 enterprises and 221 of the top 500 enterprises in the world. It has become the first choice for governments and enterprises in the Cloud 2.0 era.

Third, HUAWEI CLOUD+AI is the driving force for intelligent transformation. HUAWEI CLOUD believes that AI implementation requires deep integration of know-how and data with powerful AI computing and algorithms. In the past year, HUAWEI CLOUD has explored over 300 AI projects in more than 10 industries. The experience gained from these projects enables HUAWEI CLOUD to quickly and accurately help Singapore industries, enterprises, and citizens enjoy the value and benefits from AI technologies.

Fourth, HUAWEI CLOUD has earned the trust of customers and partners with our proven commitments. With global network infrastructure resources and services, HUAWEI CLOUD provides customers with localized services and support. With a unified open architecture, 40 AZs in 23 regions, and over 1500 CDN nodes and networks, enterprises have all the support they need to quickly and efficiently expand their international services. As a neutral and trusted cloud partner, HUAWEI CLOUD provides customers with cloud services that comply with security and compliance requirements at home and abroad.

The four core advantages of HUAWEI CLOUD will cover Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region. With the advantages brought by an open ecosystem, full-stack technologies, and experience in innovation, various industries will see acceleration of intelligent upgrade.