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Türk Telekom and Huawei’s 5G Cloud Application in Vertical Industries Is Ranked One of the Best Solutions in the World

Feb 27, 2019

[Barcelona, Spain, February 27, 2019] Türk Telekom, Turkey’s leading information and communication technologies company, tested the remote access of AR and VR based educational content over a 5G could connection with Huawei. This work, which is Turkey’s first 5G cloud application, was deemed one of the “Best 5G Cloud Vertical Sector Applications” amongst Huawei’s operating countries as part of the sector’s most important gathering: the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona.

Türk Telekom and Huawei signed the 5G corporation MoU

With this work that focuses on education, one of the many use areas of 5G technology, with the AR/VR content provided by Nara EdTech; Türk Telekom provided low latency high quality image transfer over 5G network on subjects such as biology, chemistry and electronics which are especially visual and experience based.

Indicating that as Türk Telekom they play a key role in Turkey’s 5G development with the projects they actualise and the investments they carry out, Türk Telekom’s Chief Technology Officer Yusuf Kıraç said, “The pride that actualising Turkey’s first 5G cloud application brings has been doubled by the fact that our application has been deemed as one of the Best 5G Cloud Vertical Sector Applications by Huawei. I believe that next generation fixed, and mobile technologies will contribute greatly to the education sector and that the active use of these technologies will bring great productivity to our country. The fact that the AR/VR content we used in our application was provided by Nara EdTech; one of the graduates of our enterprise accelerating programme PİLOT also gives us great happiness. The recognition and attention our works in 5G have received through our educational demo over 5G gives us as Türk Telekom great pride and motivation for us to continue our works in different use areas of 5G in the future and carry these works one step forward.”

Türk Telekom which aims to provide Turkey and its users with the most advanced technologies in fixed and mobile technologies and carries out its investments in this regard, collaborates with leading companies on both a local and a global scale in line with this aim. Türk Telekom, which strengthened their collaboration with Huawei by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at the congress in Barcelona will develop and produce 5G based product and services and thus will accelerate Turkey’s digital transformation and provide the country with the most advanced technologies.

Türk Telekom’s CEO Dr. Paul Doany, “In order to provide greater contributions to the development of Turkey, we need the innovation 5G and beyond technologies provide in areas and industries where information technologies are used such as urbanisation, transport, healthcare, education, agriculture, energy and entertainment. It is for that reason that we as Türk Telekom we aim to develop, test and eventually apply 5G application areas on our own networks with our Memorandum of Understanding we have with Huawei.”

Huawei Global Head of Technical Services Tang Qibing said; “Huawei is a company touching 3/4 of the world with its advantageous products and services. In doing so, we focus on improving the quality of human life individually, meeting the basic communication needs in the best possible way and offering important value proposals in many vital sectors. Training is also one of the most important issues for Huawei. In all countries we operate, we work with different activities, technology and education to reach the maximum benefit to our young people. Our technology laboratories within academic units contribute to the education of young people with the most advanced technology, and with our R&D center, we are working together for Turkish engineers to develop the technology of the future. In this process, we are also working together with the important institutions of the country. This cooperation with Turk Telekom is extremely important for the benefit it provides in the field of education and it is one of the first projects in its 5G segment implemented in Turkey. Combining the development of AR/VR technologies with the strength of 5G, we are proud to present it with one of Turkey's largest mobile operators. I would like to thank all the teams who contributed to the implementation of the project.”

Box: About augmented reality and virtual reality

Augmented reality and virtual reality are at the top of the list of transformative technologies that will revolutionise content and communication consumption for the consumer and across many commercial areas. The benefit these technologies provide by enabling the consumer to experience many products or services before purchase can be easily transferred to the consumer via experimental marketing. As these types of marketing experiences develop, service and content providers will provide new services that allow benefit to be reaped from current business models and raise the potential that AR, VR and supporting technologies provide to the topmost level. 5G and Cloud Technologies will provide simplicity to operators for applications that require AR/VR, high speed, low latency, high quality and storage needs.

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