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Huawei Wins ‘Market Development Award’ from GTI for its Outstanding Performance in 5G Commercialization

Feb 22, 2019

[Barcelona, Spain, February 22, 2019] At the GTI Awards Ceremony held in Barcelona, Huawei won the ‘Market Development Award’ from GTI for its outstanding performance in the 5G commercial market and for its promotion of the end-to-end 5G industry.

Kevin Xu, Head of Marketing Operations of Huawei Wireless Network (Left) receiving the award

In 2018, with the completion of the 3GPP R15 NSA and SA standards, 5G technical testing and pre-commercial verification were launched worldwide. With long-term investment and deep accumulation in 5G technology and standards, Huawei has kept up closely with the 3GPP standards pace and has released its 5G end-to-end pre-commercial solutions including core network, transport network, wireless network, 5G LampSite, and 5G CPE. Additional in the cities of Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Seoul, Milan, and Berlin, Huawei has launched scale trial networks and continuous outfields, with the test data showing that Huawei's technology is 12 to 18 months ahead of other companies in the industry.

Up to now, Huawei has cooperated with more than 50 business partners worldwide in 5G commercial use, ranking first in the number of partners that it works with. The company has also obtained the largest number of 5G commercial contracts (30+) in the world. In addition, Huawei has delivered over 40,000 5G base stations for commercial use globally. In cities such as Hangzhou in China and Seoul in South Korea, Huawei are deploying thousands of sites to comprise continuous 5G massive MIMO coverage, with an average experience rate over 1 Gbps, which lays the foundation for abundant large bandwidth and low latency services.

Huawei is also a strong supporter of GTI, who have been committed to TD-LTE commercial evolution, 5G global industrialization and cross-industry innovation. In 2019, more intensive 5G pre-commercial testing and commercial deployments will occur around the globe, while many mainstream terminal manufacturers in the industry will also release 5G chipsets and smart phones for commercial use, which will greatly promote the maturity of the entire industry. Together with GTI, Huawei will work with global partners to promote and accelerate the maturity of the 5G end-to-end industry and promote 5G scale commercialization, so that the excellent experience brought by 5G will benefit more consumers and industries.