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Huawei's TaiShan ARM-based Servers Now SUSE YES CERTIFIED

Empowering customers with diversified computing solutions
Feb 21, 2019

[Shenzhen, China, February 21, 2019] SUSE, a leading open source software company, and Huawei today announced that the Huawei TaiShan ARM-based servers have been SUSE YES CERTIFIED on the SUSE Linux Enterprise platform and the SUSE Linux Enterprise software-defined storage platform.

SUSE YES CERTIFIED is a widely-recognized product certification standard in the industry. It represents complete compatibility between SUSE products and third-party products. Server products that are SUSE YES CERTIFIED can ensure best-in-class user experience. Huawei and SUSE work closely to deploy the TaiShan servers on the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server platform and the Ceph-based SUSE Enterprise Storage 5. The TaiShan servers demonstrate superb performance and pass all the tests required by SUSE YES CERTIFIED.

The certified Huawei servers are TaiShan 2280 2U 2-socket balanced server and TaiShan 5280 4U 2-socket storage server. Each server can be equipped with two Kunpeng 916 CPUs. The Kunpeng CPU boasts unique advantages in many core and high computing efficiency, and is best suited for accelerating applications such as big data and software-defined storage.

Andy Jiang, SUSE Vice President & General Manager for Asia Pacific and Japan, said, "Building on more than 20 years of engineering design and service expertise, SUSE has been continuously seeking innovation to adapt to the rapidly-changing enterprise-grade computing requirements and technical applications. SUSE has been working with Huawei for more than 10 years and the two companies have advanced together in the ICT and SAP application fields. We believe today’s announcement of extending our partnership to support ARM-based platform can create more successes and bring more choices and benefits to our customers. Together, we look to working closely to accelerate technology innovation to better address the challenges in the IoT and intelligent computing era."

Lu Guang, General Manager of the TaiShan server, Huawei Intelligent Computing Business Dept, said, "Huawei has been committed to building an open, collaborative ARM ecosystem of shared success, and has been promoting industry collaboration at the hardware, basic software, and application levels. Huawei and SUSE have a continued legacy of collaboration in mission-critical computing. Our joint announcement this time will unlock greater value for customers, advance the ARM ecosystem, and expand the computing space, smoothing the way forward to a diversified computing era."

As the earliest Linux OS company that supports the ARM-based platform, SUSE has been working actively with various technical providers in the ARM ecosystem. The successful certification collaboration between SUSE and Huawei signifies that the two parties have extended their partnership from the x86 field to the ARM space. This makes both companies better positioned to help customers cope with the diversified computing requirements of services and data. The joint effort is bound to drive the intelligent computing industry. Looking forward, the two partners will continue to strengthen collaboration and build joint solutions based on the Kunpeng 920 ARM-based CPU and TaiShan servers released by Huawei in this January.