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Huawei Release Simplified “1+2” 5G Microwave Architecture

Feb 27, 2019

[Barcelona, Spain, February 27, 2019] At the MWC 2019, Huawei released the first 5G microwave "1+2" simplified architecture in industrial. With this simplified architecture, 1* dual band antenna plus 2* any band (6-86GHz) RF unit, Huawei 5G Microwave can provide up to 20+Gbps capacity for all backhaul scenarios, at the same time, achieving 50% saving on tower space and engineering cost, setting new benchmarks for ultra-high capacity and hardware simplification in Microwave domain.

Peter Zhou, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for Huawei Wireless Solution (right), released simplified “1+2” 5G Microwave Architecture during MWC19

In 5G era, Microwave backhaul capacity grow rapidly, when the huge capacity cannot be covered through one frequency band, which is quite common due to limited frequency resource, operator need to utilize a second frequency band to take the extra capacity need, traditionally, which means additional antenna is required on the tower. Huawei“1+2” 5G Microwave architecture can perfectly eliminate the new tower space need in this scenario, one dual band antenna can support any 2 frequency band running at 6-86GHz. Significant TCO saving can be achieved thanks to the dual band antenna. 

Huawei unique CA (Carrier Aggregation) ODU can aggregate 4 carriers into one hardware, 4 times capacity can be achieved with 75% less hardware quantity compared with traditional single carrier ODU, in this way,  2* RF units (CA ODU or E-band) running at different frequency band can provide up to 8 carries and providing 10+Gbps capacity. Thanks to the 4-carriers capable CA ODU and ultra-high capacity E-band, one time on-tower installation can support multiple software-based capacity upgrade by activing the capacity gradually. 

Huawei Simplified “1+2” 5G Microwave Architecture

5G is now, capacity is the most outstanding challenge and keeps growing, without the more advanced 5G Microwave solution, operators have to suffer the high cost of upgrading the capacity, frequent tower-climbing, more hardware installation, more tower space and higher tower rent, which makes the capacity upgrade impossible in some cases.  

In 2018, Huawei released 5G Microwave solution for the first time and has deployed 20+ 5G backhaul networks globally so far. The technology innovation and high commercial value of Huawei 5G Microwave solution have been highly recognized and won 'Innovative Telecom Solution’ prize during Prestigious Aegis Graham Bell Award at early 2019, which is the highest innovation technology award in India ICT domain. During MWC19, Huawei released today’s more advanced simplified “1+2” 5G Microwave Architecture, technology innovation allows 10 times higher capacity boost based on legacy microwave network with even smaller tower space, make evolution towards 5G network as smooth as possible.  

Peter Zhou, Chief Marketing Officer for Huawei Wireless Solution, said, “Huawei 5G Microwave provide fiber-alike capacity in the air, at the same time, enhance hardware simplification and smooth evolution capability, which will absolutely accelerate 5G deployment in near future”.