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HAWE and Huawei Together Announce In-Depth Cooperation in Backbone Bearer Networks to Build the Silk Road of Information

Mar 01, 2019

[Barcelona, Spain, March 1, 2019] HAWE Telekom (HAWE) and Huawei announced the establishment of a deep cooperative relationship in backbone bearer networks at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019, carrying out end-to-end MS-OTN full service bearer solution innovation to build the silk road of information networks together. The two companies shared their insights on the opportunities and challenges brought by 5G and enterprise private lines, and discussed the network evolution solutions for integrated transport networks.

From left to right: Chen Wenbo, Vice President of Huawei Enterprise Transmission Network Product Line, Przemysław Gągała, International Sales Director of HAWE Telekom, Paweł Paluchowski, CEO of HAWE Telekom, Dominik Drozdowski, Vice President of HAWE Telekom

HAWE is an infrastructure network service provider in Poland founded in 1990. It has more than 6000 km of optical fibers deployed across Poland, and has expanded to key switching nodes in Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, and Finland etc. Poland is located in Central Europe where it geographically connects Western Europe with Russia. It is a strategic location for the Silk Road as it contains a segment of the shortest route from Frankfurt to China. In the information age, HAWE networks will play a vital part in the fiber connection layout along the Silk Road.

HAWE focuses on providing cross-border international private lines for its big customers in various countries along with backbone links in Poland. In recent years, many countries have begun to plan and construct their 5G networks, which will allow for ubiquitous connections and applications while significantly improving network traffic. Against this backdrop, HAWE has been committed to providing the ultimate network experience for customers in order to enhance its leading position in the 5G era. It is building ultra-broadband networks to cope with the coming traffic surge. In addition, HAWE develops enterprise private line services. Currently, Poland has attracted 40,000 multinational companies to the country, including 1,200 business process outsourcing (BPO) providers, and has the potential to be a huge market for enterprise private lines.

Based on the understanding of HAWE’s service model and development plan, Huawei has proposed an end-to-end MS-OTN all-service transport solution.

  • MS-OTN all-service transport: One platform access various services, including E1 to STM-N SDH services, 10GE/100GE Ethernet and OTN private lines, also FC (Fiber Channel) used for data center backup. One network supports enterprise private line, mobile backhaul, and DCI etc, maximizing the value of network.
  • Ultra-broadband: Single-wavelength 200G achieves the industry's best performance, And supports smooth evolution to 400G/600G, it will reduce per-bit cost and easily handle the challenge of future traffic growth.
  • Premium private line: The industry's most powerful ASON improves network availability to 99.999%. This solution also provides encrypted, low-latency private lines and latency map for VIP customers to maximize network value through differentiated SLAs.

Przemysław Gągała, International Sales Director of HAWE Telekom, said, "HAWE and Huawei have successfully cooperated for 13 years. The consensus on network evolution technology is the basis for future cooperation between the two parties. Using the quality network of Huawei ASON helps us provide reliable guarantee for large customer private lines. At the same time, based on Huawei's integrated service transport platform, HAWE can develop multiple services, including enterprise private line, 5G backhaul, and data center interconnection. This reduces our network investment costs and maximizes network value."

Chen Wenbo, Vice President of Huawei Enterprise Transmission Network Product Line, said, "Huawei provides powerful solutions for more than 200 ISPs around the world. Featuring ultra-broadband and full-service access, Huawei's MS-OTN platform helps customers build premium private lines with high security, high reliability, and low latency, improves the per-bit value, and facilitates business success."