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The 26th GTI Workshop: Gearing Up for 5G with Industrial Partners

Nov 21, 2019

[Seoul, South Korea, November 21, 2019] The 26th GTI workshop was held November 18-20 in Seoul, South Korea. This year’s event attracted more than 200 representatives from over 30 global operators and their industrial partners. Companies such as CMCC, Vodafone, KT, LGU+, NTT DOCOMO, Softbank, Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia and Qualcomm and others came together to address key issues in 5G industrial development and commercialization, 5G enterprise network solutions and innovative applications and services such as 5G Cloud AR/VR.

Huawei shared its experience supporting CMCC’s building of the world’s largest 5G commercial network in Hangzhou, China and its excellent performance results, including validation of 5G network solutions, parameters for 5G network optimization and suggestions for the coordination of 5G networks and terminals. Targeting SA as 5G’s ultimate architecture, Huawei provides 5G E2E NSA&SA dual mode network solutions to support the fast roll out of 5G commercial networks and smooth evolution toward SA.

One of the issues raised at GTI was that spectrum needs to be allocated to drive development of the mobile industry. Currently C-Band has been widely planned globally as the 5G Spectrum of choice. In the workshop, Huawei recommended 6GHz as the next stage key spectrum for 5G and called for the industry to launch eco-cultivation and related research on the 6GHz Spectrum.

With commercialization of 5G and the gradual withdrawal of 2G and 3G, NB-IoT has become the most mainstream LPWA technology in the industry. A comparative study of technology, eco-maturity and service characteristics presented by Huawei at GTI discussed the necessity of NB-IoT taking the place of 2G IoT and called for GTI and other industrial organizations to support the development of NB-IoT ecology and application.

Huawei also carried out in-depth discussions with industrial partners on 4G/5G dual mode Massive MIMO, 5G Intelligent/Autonomous Network, 5G Enterprise Network Architecture,Verticals-oriented 5G Modules and 5G Cloud Vision Service Requirement Analysis at the event.

The 27th GTI workshop and GTI Summit will be held in February 2020 in Barcelona, Spain.