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Huawei Explores AI and Data Protection Challenges and Responses with Data Regulators

Oct 24, 2019

[Tirana, Albania, October 24, 2019] The 41st International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners (ICDPPC), themed "Convergence and Connectivity, Raising Global Data Protection Standards in the Digital Age", was hosted in Tirana, the capital of Albania. At the conference, Huawei and Beijing Normal University jointly organized the "AI and Data Protection: Global Challenge Global Response" side event. They, together with data regulators in the EU, UK, and Hong Kong, called on governments, standards organizations, and industries worldwide to join hands to drive the development of artificial intelligence (AI) data and privacy protection as well as trustworthiness and establish global data protection standards for AI.

Achim Klabunde (Advisor to the Supervisors on Data Protection and Technology, EDPS), Sophie Kwasny (Head of the Data Protection Unit, Council of Europe), and Stephen Kai-Yi Wong (Hong Kong Personal Data Protection Commissioner) delivered keynote speeches. They elaborated on the challenges posed by AI to data protection in various regions, as well as the thoughts and policy progress of regulators.

John Suffolk (Global Cyber Security & Privacy Officer, Huawei) introduced Huawei's privacy protection practices, including AI security and privacy protection governance. He said that technology is rapidly moving beyond existing policies and legal frameworks, especially in the AI field. He also said that we should not wait for ICT development to mandate the formulation of policies or legal frameworks — instead, we should take immediate actions to develop policies and a legal framework that can maximize development opportunities and prevent unexpected consequences.

John Suffolk introduced Huawei's privacy protection practices at the "AI and Data Protection: Global Challenge Global Response" side event

During the discussion hosted by Alan Tang (Senior Privacy Expert, GSPO Office, Huawei), Achim Klabunde (Advisor to the Supervisors on Data Protection and Technology, EDPS), Stephen Kai-Yi Wong (Hong Kong Personal Data Protection Commissioner), John Kavanagh (Head of Commissioner Private Office, ICO, UK), Fabrice Naftalski (Global Privacy Protection Leader, EY), and Joerg Thomas (Director of EU DPO Office, Huawei) shared their views on the challenges to AI privacy and data protection from the perspectives of policies, laws, and industry practices.

ICDPPC is an important international data protection conference. At this year's ICDPPC, Huawei proposed that "As a new momentum in the digital age, AI is in urgent need of addressing data and privacy protection issues and establishing global standards," which has been widely recognized by the participants. Huawei is committed to jointly promoting the establishment, implementation, and improvement of security and privacy standards in the digital age. In addition, Huawei calls on AI stakeholders to review and assume their responsibilities, drives the trustworthiness and development of AI, and provides AI products and services that can ensure security and privacy.

Click to download the Thinking Ahead About AI Security and Privacy Protection white paper.