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Huawei and ASTRI Showcase Results of Joint Technological Endeavours through Successful LTE- V2X Demonstrations in Wuxi, China

Sep 21, 2018

[Wuxi, China, September 21, 2018] Huawei and Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) signed an agreement to set up a joint Connected Vehicle (C-V2X) Research Group. The signing ceremony was held in WUXI, during the World Internet of Things Expo 2018.

Huawei and ASTRI C-V2X cooperation agreement signing ceremony

As recently as last week on 15 September 2018, ASTRI and Huawei jointly demonstrated a series of successful Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) test cases at the World Internet of Things Expo 2018. Sponsored by the Wuxi Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatisation, the Commission of Public Security, and the Jiangsu Provincial Government, the Expo took place in Wuxi, China ── the world’s first city-level C-V2X application demonstration site. The site spans around 170 km² and covers most area of Wuxi city. The project is also supported by the Chinese Academy of Information and Communications Technology, China Mobile, and a number of manufacturers including Audi and FAW.

The test was conducted near the Taihu Expo Centre in Taihu, Wuxi, on about six kilometres of open roads with six open crossings. 17 successful tests of typical application fields based on C-V2X were conducted, including forward collision warning, intersection collision warning, left turn auxiliary, vehicle blind area or lane change warning, road danger risk warning, speed limit warning, speed guidance based on signal lights, warning of congestion ahead, warning of pedestrian crossing in blind areas, and warning of on-ramp vehicles.

ASTRI and Huawei demonstrated the V2X applications using Huawei’s world-first dual-mode C-V2X roadside device RSU, supported by ASTRI’s C-V2X software system and algorithms. Under the test case, vehicles and the infrastructure leveraged C-V2X Uu and PC5 Communications channel to broadcast vehicular movement and traffic status information to cars made by FAW and other manufacturers.

Hugh Chow, Chief Executive Officer of ASTRI said, “ASTRI is committed to utilising the power of technology for overall Smart City development in Hong Kong and this region. We are honoured to be a part of this historic demonstration of C-V2X technologies in partnership with HUAWEI. As long-term strategic partners, we jointly work to build a connected vehicle ecosystem for Hong kong and the nation.” Mr Chow reiterated ASTRI’s resolve to “continue investing talent and resources to develop next generation telecom technologies and related applications with particular focus on smart mobility solutions that will not only support the Smart City development blueprint announced by the Hong Kong SAR Government, but also promote wider adoption across the Hong Kong – Macau – Guangdong Great Bay area.”

Veni Shone, President of LTE product line of HUAWEI technology limited and Cellular V2X solutions, said: “The launch of Wuxi C-V2X city-level project is by the efforts of transportation, telecom, vehicle and applications industry partners. As the most competent applied technologies research institute in Hong Kong, ASTRI makes great contribution in this project.

Huawei and ASTRI has signed the collaboration MoU and formed a joint research team to co-develop C-V2X technology, promoting the emerging technology and applications for a more mature solution and more valuable services. Together, they will help build the commercial intelligent transportation system in the Hong Kong – Macau – Guangdong Greater Bay area. “