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Huawei Announces the Commercial Use of Industry's First Enterprise-Class 802.11ax Wi-Fi Network in “Super i-Shanghai” Information Booths, China

Sep 28, 2018

[Shanghai, China, September 28, 2018] The first enterprise-class 802.11ax Wi-Fi network in the industry has been rolled out for ‘Super i-Shanghai’ information booths in Shanghai, China. This rollout marks that Shanghai’s IT infrastructure has entered a new era of 10G Wi-Fi connectivity. This network uses Huawei X-Gen Wi-Fi solution, the first solution to put the 802.11ax Wi-Fi standard into large-scale commercial use.

The ‘Super i-Shanghai’ information booth project is the main focus of Shanghai’s brand-new wireless city initiative. Hongkou District is the first place to pilot this feature-rich smart information booth that integrates the functions of free high-speed Wi-Fi access, public information services, and interactive entertainment. Up to now, the Hongkou District has successively built information booths in key locations, achieving regional high-speed wireless network coverage.

To meet the ever-more diversified wireless access requirements and keep up with future IT trends, ‘Super i-Shanghai’ information booths have introduced Huawei’s 802.11ax APs to deploy a first-of-its-kind 10GE Wi-Fi network, aiming to build the world's most advanced public Wi-Fi service platform.

802.11ax is a next-generation Wi-Fi standard, providing better bandwidth, latency, and user concurrency than those of the mainstream 802.11ac standard. Huawei is an important contributor to the development and promotion of the newest 802.11ax standard, and has taken the lead in launching the X-Gen Wi-Fi solution that complies with 802.11ax.

This innovative solution delivers tangible benefits, including a three-fold increase in the bandwidth of wireless APs (such as AP7060DN), and a four-fold jump in user concurrency (reaching 400 concurrent users per AP). Additionally, this solution is designed with built-in IoT access capabilities, integrating 10G Wi-Fi with Bluetooth, ZigBee, RFID, and other IoT technologies for the first time. With these merits, this solution makes it possible to experience more innovative services and fully meets the current and future needs of ‘Super i-Shanghai’ information booths.

“JuneYao Group is devoted to its mission of providing better services and creating value for society,” said Zhang Weihua, Vice President of JuneYao Group and General Manager of WindFind TECH Technology, who is in charge of this project. ”This ‘Super i-Shanghai’ information booth project has deployed the industry's most advanced 802.11ax Wi-Fi network. This deployment will enhance the significance of public Wi-Fi in smart city administration and public services, helping Shanghai build world-class information infrastructure for public places. ”

“Nowadays, wireless networks are moving towards a new era of ultra-broadband. As such, Huawei takes the lead in releasing its X-Gen Wi-Fi Solution that complies with the latest 802.11ax standard,” Zhao Zhipeng, General Manager of Huawei’s campus network domain, added. “We’re thrilled to cooperate with JuneYao Group. This cooperation has culminated in the first large-scale commercial use of 802.11ax Wi-Fi in the industry. The ‘Super i-Shanghai’ information booth project also marks the fact that Shanghai’s wireless city construction is on the fast track towards ultra-broadband. In the future, Huawei will continue to innovate based on customer requirements and capitalize on a full range of ultra-broadband wireless products and solutions to provide users with ultimate network experience.”