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Huawei High-Density Router NE40E-M1A Awarded Interop Tokyo Special Prize

Jun 19, 2018

[Shenzhen, China, June 19, 2018] At Interop Tokyo 2018, Japan's largest ICT exhibition this year, Huawei NE40E-M1A won the Best of Show Award 2018 Special Prize in recognition of its series of innovative advantages, such as occupying just 1 U of space while boasting 2 Tbit/s of forwarding capacity, flexible and diverse port modes, programmability, scalability, and an energy-saving design.

Ma Da, Director of Huawei's Japan Enterprise Network Solutions, accepts the award from one of the judges

Cloud data traffic is expected to keep increasing in the future. To support such traffic, networks are becoming increasingly large, and the space in equipment rooms of enterprise customers is becoming ever more restricted. As a result, devices must be highly integrated, and a single port needs to provide high capacity and support flexible configuration. For this reason, there are higher demands on device size, capacity, and reliability. These requirements are fully met by Huawei NE40E-M1A, which occupies just 1 U of space yet boasts high forwarding capacity of up to 2 Tbit/s, making it the highest density routing platform in the industry. It also provides a wide range of port types that can be flexibly configured by customers as required. The latest Solar 5.0 chip technology provides a wealth of service features and flexible programmability, supports three typical Ethernet VPN (EVPN) applications and the next-generation unified high-performance tunnel protocol—SR, and provides complete multicast VPN technologies, achieving smooth evolution and upgrades. Aside from this, its power density of 0.4 W/g is industry-leading, and an innovative heat dissipation system is configured to achieve low noise levels (72 dB at room temperature) and an extended temperature range (–5°C to +45°C). With today's rapid development of new ICT technologies, such as cloud computing, Big Data, and the mobile Internet, it helps industries achieve sustainable development.

Mike Ma, Vice President of Huawei's Router & Carrier Ethernet Product Line, said: "The Interop Tokyo Special Award bestowed upon NE40E-M1A signifies the recognition and approval received by Huawei NE series routers. We believe that high-density 100G full-service routers with built-in programmable network processor (NP) chips will become a future trend. Having amassed over 20 years of experience in the networking field, Huawei Enterprise Routers will continue to adhere to its customer-centric philosophy and keep investing in chips, optical modules, and core software to build innovative products and solutions that better meet developmental trends, helping customers achieve business success."

Interop Tokyo is a prestigious event for the networking and computing industries. It is also the largest and most influential ICT exhibition in Japan. The Best of Show Award is Interop's iconic award. Each year, hundreds of solutions are reviewed by the panel of judges made up of authoritative experts from the industry and university professors, after which they select the most innovative products and solutions with the most cutting-edge technologies and highest commercial value.

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