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Huawei Shows Cloud Enterprise Communications Solutions at Enterprise Connect 2018

Mar 15, 2018

[Orlando, United States, March 15, 2018] Huawei showcased its cloud enterprise communications solutions at Enterprise Connect 2018, including its AI Redefines Video Conference Experience and Digital Workspace. The two solutions are designed to enhance team collaboration experiences and enable enterprises to improve work efficiency.

Huawei Shows Cloud Enterprise Communications Solutions at Enterprise Connect 2018

Huawei’s cloud enterprise communications solutions were showcased at this year’s Enterprise Connect included innovative solutions in convergent communications, one-stop cloud enterprise communications services, intelligent conference rooms, and mobile digital workspaces developed by Huawei's global digital office practice.

AI redefines video conference experience

When other vendors are still discussing the possibility of applying technologies such as AI and Bot, Huawei has already integrated voice and facial recognition, virtual assistant, intelligent tracking camera, videoconferencing (VC), and IoT collaboration technologies to deliver an AI-based intelligent conference experience..

  • Voice control allows users to command the Bot virtual assistant in natural dialogues. Users can instruct the Bot to schedule or initiate conferences, invite participants, and automatically control facilities, such as lights and air conditioners.
  • During a conference, the intelligent camera can track the current speaker and display a close-up and the electronic nameplate of the speaker. This improves users' sense of participation and encourages active discussion and interaction.
  • To help users overcome language barriers in communication, the system can display conference dialogue subtitles and translations in multiple languages, in real time, and automatically generate a complete conference record when a conference ends.

Digital workspace cloud service

To meet the one-stop mobile office requirement of large- and medium-sized enterprises, Huawei introduces the digital workspace cloud service. Based on an open application framework, the cloud service can be integrated with enterprises' IT and service systems. With mobile apps, the cloud service archives its objectives of connecting people, connecting businesses, connecting knowledge, and connecting devices. It helps enterprises improve work efficiency and accelerates digital transformation of enterprises.

  • Connecting people: provides convergent communication and collocation functions such as messaging, voice calling, conferencing, and email, and allows employees to search for others in the intelligent directory based on the organizational relationship.
  • Connecting businesses: provides the built-in enterprise app store so that more enterprise IT applications can be flexibly integrated into the mobile digital space as plug-ins, including attendance management, service management, process approval, and schedule arrangement applications.
  • Connecting knowledge: allows users to obtain enterprise documents, blog posts, news, and training courses in one-stop way, and view live video broadcasts on apps.
  • Connecting devices: allows users to scan QR codes to associate their mobile phones with various devices and perform flexible device control and service management. For example, users can scan QR codes to schedule or join conferences and share the desktop.

With its 25-years of experience in the enterprise communications field, Huawei has served customers in a variety of industries in more than 100 countries or regions. Customers include P&O Ferrymasters in the UK, Perugia government in Italy, and PDK in Australia. In 2017, Huawei launched cloud enterprise communications services on the Huawei public cloud to enable enterprise customers to use enterprise communications services like using water and electricity, helping them accelerate digital transformation.

Enterprise Connect, produced by UBM plc., is one of the most influential expos in the enterprise communications field. Every year, global enterprises showcase their technical strengths and introduce their latest products at the Expo. At this year’s show, cloud services, artificial intelligence (AI), team collaboration solutions, and digital workspaces attracted considerable attention.