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Huawei Releases the Converged Flash Array OceanStor V5

Mar 19, 2018

[Amsterdam, Netherlands, March 19, 2018] At its West European Partner Summit, Huawei released the Converged Flash Array OceanStor V5. Adopting Huawei's lightning-fast rock-solid flash architecture and with built-in cloud and intelligence capabilities, the new offerings will bring customers to a new age of data storage.

Huawei released the Converged Flash Array OceanStor V5

Having inherited all enterprise-level functions and high availability (HA) features of Huawei's OceanStor V3 converged storage series, and incorporated the high performance and convergence of the flash-oriented architecture, the new OceanStor V5 series provides a comprehensive data management solution. With a rich store of mid-range and high-end configurations, Huawei Storage is capable of meeting the diversified requirements of today, and tomorrow.

Featuring high performance, flash storage plays an important role in business integration acceleration and data value mining of enterprises. With the rapid growth of data volume, enterprises have attached more and more importance to data security and reliability. The newly released Converged Flash Array of Huawei are specifically designed for mission-critical applications, ensuring high service availability and performance and allowing customers to further unleash the potential of flash. The new offerings demonstrate Huawei's commitment to making data more secure, operations more efficient, and guaranteeing business continuity, all while bringing down costs for enterprises.

Purpose built for flash, Huawei's Converged Flash Array incorporate flash-oriented designs at the data plane, management plane, and O&M plane to deliver up to 6 million IOPS (number of read and write operations per second) and consistent latency of only 1 ms, fully satisfying for today and future service development needs. The SmartMatrix 2.0 enhanced intelligent switching matrix adopts an industry-leading 4-controller full-redundancy architecture with only one engine. In terms of heat dissipation, Huawei leads the way by applying the graphene dissipation technology (GDT) in SSDs, also named Flash-Ice. Thanks to the dynamic heat balance algorithm of the flash system, the heat dissipation capability is improved by over 500 times compared to that of traditional methods, and the duration of SSDs is extended by 20%. In addition, Huawei's proprietary gateway-free active-active solution HyperMetro ensures 24/7 uninterrupted service availability with latency of less than 1 ms.

Huawei's Storage as a Service (STaaS) solution makes the Converged Flash Array cloud-ready. STaaS helps data centers integrate storage resources, implement on-demand supply, improve resource utilization, significantly simplifying the usage of storage and improving data center operation efficiency.

The groundbreaking eService intelligent management platform means the new offerings can seamlessly help customers optimize storage management using artificial intelligence and Big Data. Automatic service deployment, automatic adaptation of performance and capacity, and fault self-healing instill intelligence into storage management, greatly simplifying data lifecycle management.

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