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Huawei Green Energy Solution Wins "Best Sustainable Power Solution" Award

Nov 14, 2018

[Cape Town, NOV 14, 2018] Huawei Green Energy Solution-Hybrid Power solution PowerCube 1000 received the "Best Sustainable Power Solution" award at the award ceremony of the 21st AfricaCom event just ended.

Huawei green energy solution won the "Best Sustainable Power Solution" award

The "Best Sustainable Power Solution" award recognizes the Huawei Hybrid Power solution which obtains stable power in a green and smart manner at low costs, helping achieve digital connectivity in remote areas, especially remote areas in Africa where power is inaccessible or unstable.

In Africa, compared with the traditional diesel generator power solution, the Huawei Hybrid Power solution greatly reduces the TCO, achieves cost-effective wireless site deployment, and helps operators connect the unconnected and bridge the digital divide. This innovative solution enables operators to connect about 200 million people. For example, about 4.8 million people in rural areas of Ghana have no access to mobile services. If a traditional solution is adopted, the investment payback period will be over 10 years. In contrast, the PowerCube 1000-based wireless solution can achieve investment payback within just three years. At present, an operator in Ghana has incorporated "connect the unconnected" as part of its development strategy, which will benefit 600,000 people.

In terms of energy saving, Huawei Green Energy Solution helps customers reduce fuel costs by 50% and carbon emissions by 50%. For example, Huawei PowerCube 1000 deployed at a site in Ethiopia can save 12 million liters of fuel per year and reduce carbon emissions by 10,000 tons.

"Huawei Green Energy Solution enables sites to be efficient, energy saving, and less fuel-dependent. This accelerates digital connection in remote areas of Africa. It is a win-win situation for both the society and operators," said Xiang Weidong, Vice President of Huawei Telecom Energy field. "Winning the 'Best Sustainable Power Solution' award demonstrates the high recognition of Huawei hybrid power solution by the industry. We will continue to invest in R&D and innovation to provide customers with more professional products and services."

Currently, PowerCube 1000 has been deployed in 93 countries worldwide, providing telecom energy services for more than 130 operators and winning customers' trust and support. In the future, Huawei will continue to ramp up innovation and provide reliable and efficient telecom energy solutions to assist operators in fast site deployment and business success.