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Huawei Releases HiSec Intelligent Security Solution to Build a Secure Foundation for ICT Infrastructure

Oct 11, 2018

[Shanghai, China, October 11, 2018] At HUAWEI CONNECT 2018, Huawei has released HiSec, a leading intelligent security solution. Based on the Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover (IPDRR) architecture, HiSec provides customers with intelligent, efficient, and future-oriented end-to-end security, offers comprehensive protection and provides public-security capabilities for IoT, SoftCOM, private cloud, Safe City, and 5G solutions.

As the need for global intelligence solutions increases, ICT infrastructure is becoming ubiquitous. This is creating a more open business environment, but it also increases the need for diversified security requirements.

The three major requirements for carriers and enterprise customers are to (1) implement security protection for always-on key services; (2) improve security O&M efficiency; and (3) build security capabilities for new solutions.

The newly released HiSec Intelligent Security Solution has three key highlights:

  • Comprehensive protection: Use the network resilience concept to ensure the continuity of core services.

Based on current trends, Huawei believes the security defense system should be gradually transformed into proactive defense. HiSec is based on IPDRR architecture and takes the lead in applying the network resilience concept to build an in-depth defense system. This provides comprehensive security detection and protection for customers’ ICT infrastructure clouds, pipes, and devices.

  • Intelligent and efficient: Achieve intelligent identification, automated response, and efficient O&M.

HiSec provides AI-based UEBA user profile and attack chain identification, key threat detection and analysis capabilities (for example, PB-level data storage and analysis based on search engines and HDFS), and it implements intelligent identification of unknown threats. Additionally it visualizes security policy orchestration and automates security policy generation and execution, providing flexible and codeless app interconnection which shortens the threat response time.

Real-time and accurate situation awareness of network-wide assets and quantitative security risk assessment and warning, also significantly improve security management and O&M efficiency.

  • Future-oriented: Protection of five major solutions.

As "all-cloud" becomes the trend of the future, HiSec is poised to meet the security protection requirements of five major solutions: IoT, SoftCOM, Private Cloud, Safe City, and 5G solutions. Huawei continues to build solution security and remains at the cutting edge of the ICT industry.

Huawei releases HiSec Intelligent Security Solution

“As the digital world transforms into a fully connected, intelligent world, Huawei aims to create value for customers by building its security capabilities,” said Song Duanzhi, General Manager of Huawei Network Security Domain. “Driven by customer requirements, Huawei security products and solutions continuously evolve to enable full coordination with ICT infrastructure. The products and solutions use open architecture for dynamic collaboration between software-defined security products, and centralized intelligence, together with edge intelligence, this helps implement intelligent collaboration between on-cloud and off-cloud services.”

HUAWEI CONNECT 2018 – "Activate Intelligence" –is held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center and Expo Center from October 10 to 12.

This year's HUAWEI CONNECT conference is designed to help all businesses and organizations step over the threshold and stake their claim in the intelligent world. You will be joined by the best minds in the industry – including global ICT leaders, industry experts, and ecosystem partners – to chart the way forward and explore new opportunities.

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