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Huawei’s 4T Routing Line Card Set for Commercial Use after Passing EANTC Tests

Jan 26, 2018

[Beijing, China, January 26, 2018] Huawei announced today that its NE9000 4T routing line card passed rigorous testing by the European Advanced Networking Test Center (EANTC), a leading international test organization. This indicates that 4T routing line cards are now ready for commercial use and sets a new benchmark for the industry.

The networking tests EANTC conducted on the 4T line card included: performance, power consumption, and functionality tests. The results clearly show the card can perform line-rate forwarding for packets of mixed length and large packets over 256 bytes, as well as support up to 80 million BGP entries and 5 million FIB entries. The 4T routing line card was able to perform line rate forwarding while consuming only 0.35 W/G, proving the router meets the needs of cloud-era networking for high performance, saving energy, and lowering cost per bit.

The EANTC also performed comprehensive verification of important functions and protocols required for future network evolution, including EVPN, VXLAN, NG MVPN, and virtual routers. These tests showed the NE9000 offers not only the highest capacity in the industry, but a rich array of features as well, satisfying the requirements of network cloudification and evolution towards 5G bearing.

Carsten Rossenhoevel, managing director and co-founder of EANTC, stated, "Huawei’s NE9000 4T routing line card passed all commissioned tests. It is aligning with major requirements for commercial deployment. Our tests showed that the 4T line card certainly supports key requirements of future transport networks in terms of scale and functionality."

There is a clear trend in network development and restructuring toward high capacity and converged bearing. With this round of testing, Huawei has demonstrated its global leadership in commercial cloudification and 5G bearing solutions in line with this trend.