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Huawei and Commvault Announce Hybrid Cloud Backup Solution for Huawei Cloud

Sep 22, 2017

[Shanghai, China, September 22, 2017] At HUAWEI CONNECT 2017, Huawei and Commvault announced deepening of cooperation in data protection by making available the Hybrid Cloud Backup Solution for Huawei Cloud. This solution provides organizations with easy-to-use, economical and secure solutions for backup workloads running between traditional data centers and public cloud.

Representatives from Huawei (left) and Commvault (right) at the ceremony

This Hybrid Cloud Backup Solution backs up data from traditional data centers or private cloud to public cloud platforms through the Commvault Data Platform. Data can be restored on-premise or in the cloud. Compatible with mainstream application systems, the solution provides protection for data in volumes, operating systems, application systems, databases, and virtualized environments.

Implementing data protection in hybrid cloud environments present challenges in management, cost, security, and a long list of other concerns. In terms of management, perhaps the most pressing challenge is finding ways to manage on- and off-premise data backup systems in a unified manner. Another concern is the high bandwidth cost in transferring data between WANs. In terms of security, a major worry is risks in transmitting data between the networks.

This Hybrid Cloud Backup Solution delivers the following advantages:

  • Ease-of-use: Unified management over on- and off-premise backup systems; seamless integration with existing backup systems without strenuous learning curves.
  • Economical: Backup storage space is allocated on demand, yielding incredibly elastic expansion capabilities while reducing initial investment amounts by 50%; deduplication utilities accelerate transmission speeds and reduce network bandwidth lease costs by 80%.
  • Security: Support for active-active AZ (available zone, dual write) achieves 99.999999999% data durability; support for encrypted data backup transfers.

"Data is the core assets of enterprises in digital transformation. Its value can never be over-estimated. We are excited to be working with Commvault, to build hybrid cloud backup solution. The solution we release this time is to provide easy-to-use data management and secure data protection for hybrid cloud environments, which will help enterprises leverage cloud architecture to optimize data asset services. We will continue to innovate in the field of data protection so enterprise customers can rest assured their data is secure and always available." said Meng Guangbin, President, IT Storage Product Line, Huawei.

"Data has come a long way from being seen as a 'challenge' that occupies storage space to a ‘strategic asset' that needs to be protected and analyzed,” said Wang Bo, vice president of Commvault Greater China. “As businesses continue to tread the path of increasing digitization in this information age, data will evolve strategically for critical business decisions and investment. Companies are operating in a data-complex world, and as more organizations move towards migrating to the cloud, smarter organizations will leverage the insights in their data to steer ahead of competition. We are very honored to partner with Huawei Cloud and with this partnership to bring our technology to enterprises to realize constant availability of data for business decision making. The ultimate success for any business lies in knowing your data to realize valuable insights."

A Strong and Growing Partnership

Huawei and Commvault have continue to work together to support customers around the globe. The relationship has continued to deliver innovation to the marketplace, with significant announcements that have included:

  • In August, 2016, the two companies announced plans for a joint lab in Chengdu, China to develop data backup, recovery, archive and cloud solutions based both companies’ technologies. The lab will work on joint product compatibility, and incubating, testing and demonstrating cloud backup, Data Protection-as-a-service and other solutions to address customers’ critical data protection and management needs.
  • Also in August, 2016, Commvault announced that leading Australian managed services provider Brennan IT was using Commvault Software and Huawei OceansStor to deliver a scalable and flexible Backup-as-a-Service solution. Brennan IT engaged Commvault and Huawei to streamline its data protection processes and data management, and provide greater transparency for its executives into its infrastructure and data.
  • In March, 2017, the companies released their Hybrid Cloud Backup Solution at CeBIT, 2017, enabling companies to efficiently and securely backup the core data of private data centers to a Huawei public cloud platform using Commvault software.