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Huawei Announces Peak Cell Throughput Exceeds 20 Gbit/s in C-Band Test of China’s 5G Technology R&D Trial

Sep 04, 2017

[Beijing, China, September 4, 2017] Huawei announces that peak cell throughput has exceeded 20 Gbit/s to achieve a breakthrough in the C-Band test. This test procedure is an important part of the China 5G Technology Research and Development (R&D) Trial which is organized by the IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group. The result indicates that Huawei has again created a new record in this area after the release of China's second-phase 5G radio technology test result at the IMT-2020 (5G) Summit in June.

Huawei is conducting 5G Technology R&D Trial tests in Huairou District, Beijing

During the C-Band test, Huawei adopted 5G New Radio, Massive MIMO, Polar code, and other technologies using the entire 200MHz bandwidth on the 4.9 GHz carrier to achieve the seamless wide-area coverage scenario. Both the 3.5 GHz carrier and 4.9 GHz carrier tests are important components of technology solution verification of China’s 5G R&D trial. Early this year, Huawei finished trial tests in three typical scenarios on 3.5 GHz carriers and provided the capable performance required by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). As a supplement to the test on the 3.5 GHz carrier, the test on the 4.9 GHz carrier makes the C-Band test more complete.

China’s 5G R&D Trial is led by the IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group. As one of the core members in the IMT-2020 5G Promotion Group, Huawei is actively contributing to the trials. Huawei has deployed thirty 5G terminals over seven 5G sites in Huairou District, Beijing, supporting large-scale field tests. When phase one of the R&D trial on 5G technologies was completed, Huawei announced the launch of a 5G phase two trial in August, 2016. After several months of continuous effort, industry-leading performance was achieved. Huawei will continuously focus on 5G R&D to promote the sound development of the 5G industry.