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China Mobile and Huawei Complete Phase-2 Massive MIMO Research to Achieve 1.09 Gbps Cell Throughput

Aug 29, 2017

[Shenzhen, China, August 29, 2017] China Mobile(Shenzhen) and Huawei recently completed technical field trials on 4.5G Evolution in which spatial multiplexing of Massive MIMO was used on commercial UEs to achieve the world's first 1 Gbps cell throughput with only 20 MHz TDD spectrum. It is considered as a key milestone in the field of Massive MIMO.

This innovative achievement can effectively resolve congestion in LTE networks with 3D beamforming, accurate channel calibration, intelligent orthogonalization, advanced power distribution, and other cutting-edge technologies. These combined approaches deliver the benefits of beamforming, spatial multiplexing, interference suppression, and energy utilization to improve signal quality and beamforming energy utilization, while increasing multiplexing layers and modulation orders.

As a result, 1 Gbps cell throughput is achieved using a 20 MHz bandwidth, addressing the rapid growth of traffic while laying a solid foundation required for a smooth evolution to 5G.

Commercial deployment of Massive MIMO currently reaches 720 Mbps cell throughput on a 20 MHz bandwidth, increasing spectral efficiency by six to seven times in comparison to traditional base stations.

Huawei continues to lead in further exploration of Massive MIMO benefits with breakthroughs in multiplexing layers and modulation. China Mobile (Shenzhen) and Huawei together, have achieved this unprecedented 1Gbps/20MHz, which is a giant step in Massive MIMO & 4.5G Evolution.