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Huawei Ranks First in the Leaders Group of IHS Markit Optical Network Hardware Vendor Scorecard

Aug 07, 2017

[Shenzhen, China, August 7, 2017] Huawei ranked first overall in combined market presence and market leadership in the recent Optical Network Hardware Vendor Scorecard (Scorecard) released by IHS Markit, a worlder in critical information, analytics and solutions. Huawei received this assessment for its comprehensive performance on multiple benchmarks including reputation for innovation, market share momentum, and global market share. The Scorecard used concrete data and metrics, including market share, financials and direct feedback from buyers on innovation, product reliability, service and support to evaluate 2016 market performance and future momentum of the top 10 optical network equipment vendors.

IHS Markit optical network hardware vendor scorecard (data source: IHS Markit Optical Network Hardware Vendor Scorecard )

In the Scorecard, IHS Markit highlighted Huawei's strengths in technological innovation in the following areas:

  • Huawei continues to innovate in the OTN domain and recently introduced an OTN cluster capability that can scale to 100T and beyond.
  • With continuing demand for increased capacity and a need to reduce power in large sites, Huawei is also putting a focus on all-optical cross-connections, essentially next-generation ROADM technology with an optical backplane for providing inter-degree connectivity and ultimately more scale.
  • Huawei also recently introduced a new overarching vision and architecture, CloudOptiX, to address the increasing interest in and importance of cloud technologies into optical networks. On the data plane side, the CloudOptiX architecture includes a push toward combining OTN with optical cross-connections in the backbone, as well as extending OTN out to the CO in the metro. In the control and management area, the Network Cloud Engine is Huawei's SDN-based management and control platform for resource planning, service delivery, and operations automation.

The Scorecard also acknowledged Huawei's leadership role in the global optical network market, commenting positively on Huawei's market share and market share momentum.

Heidi Adams, Senior Research Director for Transport Networks at IHS Markit, points out that Huawei has unmatched resources, scale, and market reach, has demonstrated technical expertise equal to the western vendors, and has the ability as a private company to invest and take risks that public companies cannot. The release of the Scorecard comprehensively demonstrates Huawei's leadership in the global optical network industry.

"Huawei has been an active contributor to the optical network industry. We are pleased to see that our achievements in the past year have been recognized by the industry." Alex Duan, General Manager of Huawei WDM Domain said, "Digital transformation brings significant opportunities, and network cloudification has received industry-wide recognition. Together with the industry, Huawei aims to proactively implement cloud transport networks and promote the sustainable development of the optical network industry."