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Huawei and Vodafone Turkey Sign the TechCity 2.0 MoU

Jun 09, 2017

[Turkey, Istanbul, June 9, 2017] Huawei and Vodafone Turkey have launched the TechCity 2.0 Project in Istanbul. This new project enables broader co-operation between both sides, with Vodafone Turkey, a company that leads digitalization in Turkey, and Huawei both being leaders in future technologies and vertical industries.

James Chen (left), President of Huawei Central Asia and Caucasia Region and Colman Deegan(right), Vodafone Turkey CEO, sign the agreement for the TechCity 2.0 project.

Both companies will not only keep up co-operation to verify new technologies and launch them commercially, but will also realize business success and social values with the introduction of a diverse set of technologies and solutions through the TechCity 2.0 Project.

The agreement for the project was signed between Vodafone Turkey CEO Colman Deegan and President of Huawei Central Asia and Caucasia Region James Chen.

Istanbul was named as one of the 14 leading Tech Cities in the world in May 2016. This project provides solutions for megacity problems in Istanbul. By offering innovative technologies and services, TechCity makes life easier and improves the communication experience.

TechCity has launched some leading technologies

In the past year, the TechCity project has successfully launched some leading technologies in Turkey. In Turkey's smart stadium – the Besiktas ground which Vodafone Turkey sponsors, 4*4 MIMO and CRAN technologies have been implemented within the scope of the TechCity project. Superior capacity and speed were provided to thousands of people filling the stadium. In the stadium’s store, speeds of 400 Mbps have been reached with the world’s first commercial licensed and unlicensed bands combining technology (LAA 3CC) by employing the Huawei Lampsite base station.

By deploying DRAN and Easy Macro solutions, the best Internet experience was provided for high dense areas like in universities, hotels, concert venues, social activity areas and on very crowded roads, to increase coverage and capacity.

Recently, Vodafone Turkey and Huawei completed the world’s first verification of the GL spectrum sharing solution on Vodafone's commercial networks in Istanbul. This innovative solution enables spectrum sharing between GSM and LTE, which increases both LTE data rate and cell capacity. Compared to LTE 5M, the LTE peak rate increases by nearly 80%.

Vodafone Turkey CEO Colman Deegan: Fibre-optics and 5G are the real enablers of Gigabit Society

Stating that they are pleased to extend their cooperation with Huawei, one of the global strategic partners of Vodafone, to continue to offer the best mobile technologies in Istanbul, Vodafone Turkey CEO Colman Deegan said: “As Vodafone, we strongly believe that every nation should aim to be a Gigabit Society, a society where citizens and businesses benefit from widespread connectivity of 1 gigabit per second, low latency and a reliable performance delivered by robust, future-proof fixed and mobile technologies. At this point, the high efficiency and capacity which we will have with 5G technologies in future will be crucial. Vodafone pioneers the development of 5G technologies around the world to deliver high efficiency and capacity to its customers. We believe that fibre-optics, internet of things and 4.5G-5G mobile technologies are the real enablers for future applications of Gigabit Society.

“As a company that leads Turkey’s digitalization, we continue our efforts to offer an excellent user experience to our customers. TechCity 2.0 Project, which we initiated with Huawei, will help us to accomplish these goals by offering services and innovations to our customers in Istanbul.”

President of Huawei Central Asia and Caucasia Region James Chen: The Project will help Vodafone Turkey keep leadership in broadband, digitalization and social safety

President of Huawei Central Asia and Caucasia Region James Chen said, "TechCity project is a very important platform on which Huawei with operators verify leading technologies, realize business success and take social responsibility. We are glad to push TechCity project on commercial networks in partnership with Vodafone Turkey, and have achieved satisfying performance results in the past one year. Huawei is dedicated to offering technical innovations to secure customers' business success. TechCity 2.0 project will help Vodafone Turkey keep the leadership in broadband, digitalization, and social safety for better connected city."

TechCity 2.0 is a commercial test field for new technology and new business. It can help operators to verify the end-to-end business model. By providing better coverage and connections of MBB networks as the information sharing platform to promote commercial prosperity, it will improve people's quality of life, and greatly improve the efficiency of connection between people and things.