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Huawei NE9000 Backbone Router and 4T Line Card Win Best of Show Award at Interop Tokyo 2017

Jun 08, 2017

[Tokyo, Japan, June 8, 2017] Huawei NE9000 converged backbone router and 4T routing line card, featured with the large capacity and a multitude of functions, won the Best of Show Award in the Carrier/IP Networking Category at Interop Tokyo 2017. Huawei NE9000 converged backbone router and 4T router line card made a breakthrough to the constraints between high-capacity, high-speed forwarding and low power consumption. With its large capacity and multitude of functions, Huawei NE9000 and 4T line card can satisfy customers' growing backbone network demands for the next five to ten years while reducing power consumption to half the industry average, and in turn reducing customers' TCO..

The backplane of the NE9000 boasts a performance of up to 215Tbit/s, twice the industry average. It features excellent scalability, supporting up to 8TB per slot for a total of 160TB per chassis. The industry's first 4T router line card with the highest density of 100GE and 400GE port helps operators to significantly improve data transmission efficiency and reduce the number of links that need to be maintained. In addition, the NE9000 uses energy-saving technologies such as front-to-rear ventilation, intelligent chip frequency modulation, and dynamic power consumption management. Its power consumption is as low as 0.4W/G, less than half the industry average, which satisfies the energy efficiency requirements for backbone network devices in the cloud era.

Interop Tokyo committee representative (left) presenting Swift Liu (right), President of Huawei’s Network R&D Department with the Interop Tokyo 2017 Best of Show Award.

Huawei Router & Carrier Ethernet Product Line president Gai Gang said: "We are excited and inspired by our NE9000 converged backbone router and 4T routing line card winning this Best of Show Award. It is a market recognition to the design of our backbone network devices, which can meet the requirements of future cloud backbone networks. We are determined to help operators to construct efficient and sustainably developed networks to achieve commercial success in the cloud era."

Digital transformation brings with it key development opportunities. Network construction is moving from being technology-driven to being driven by commercial value. In addition, the evolution path of technological development is also steadily becoming commercially-oriented again. Commercial value is at the core of Huawei's All-Cloud Network solutions, which help build agile, intelligent, efficient, and open All-Cloud Networks to help customers achieve commercial success.