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Huawei Inaugurates the HPC Global Center of Excellence

Jun 21, 2017

Catalyzing Industry Transformation with Computing Innovations

[Frankfurt, Germany, June 21, 2017] At International Supercomputing Conference 2017 (ISC 2017), Huawei announced the establishment of its High-Performance Computing (HPC) Global Center of Excellence (CoE). The HPC CoE located at Huawei Munich OpenLab will enable Huawei and partners to better co-innovate a platform for incubating industry solutions in the HPC, and Cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI) domains, thereby catalyzing the industry transformation.

As one of Huawei's key partners in the HPC space, Intel attended the HPC Global Center of Excellence (CoE) inauguration ceremony staged by Huawei at ISC 2017. The two companies are collaborating to develop innovative computing technologies and products, to empower customers with state-of-the-art HPC solutions as well as services. Tian Linyi, person in charge of Huawei's Enterprise BG Openlab in Munich, said, "Huawei positions its HPC CoE as an open, collaborative platform that will unlock the innovation power of Huawei and our partners. We believe the HPC CoE will enable win-win results, and drive greater business value for our customers, as well as boosting HPC technology development and industry growth."

Huawei holds Opening ceremony of the Huawei HPC Center of Excellence at ISC 2017.

Huawei pitched "Unleash HPC Potential, Enable HPC Cloud" as its central theme at this year's ISC. Showcasing HPC solutions running on the latest-generation Huawei servers and storage products on site, Huawei also demonstrated online a collaborative R&D Cloud solution oriented to the computer-aided engineering (CAE) simulation scenario. In addition, Huawei unveiled HPC Cloud solution with 100G InfiniBand (IB) enhanced data rate (EDR) capabilities. Huawei announced that the solution had been successfully deployed on the Open Telekom Cloud platform of Deutsche Telekom and was starting to provision services. During this year's ISC, the organizer of the conference released the latest HPC TOP500 list. The 20 HPC systems built by Huawei successfully appear on the list.

Huawei at ISC 2017

"The computing measures will be even more enriched and diversified in the future, from local computing clusters to hyper scale data centers, and from edge computing to edge-cloud collaboration. This at the same time poses tremendous challenges on the computing platform," said Qiu Long, President, IT Server Product Line, Huawei. "Huawei has been tirelessly exploring at the forefronts of HPC. Drawing on our strength built around leading engineering design and chip R&D prowess, Huawei is presenting to our customers computing platforms that help them bolster up HPC, Cloud, and Big Data applications."

According to statistics from Gartner, a world-leading information technology consultancy, Huawei ranked global No. 3 by server global shipments.