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Huawei Services Aims to Address Carriers’ Business Problems

Apr 12, 2017

[Shenzhen, China, April 12, 2017] Huawei today released its carrier services business performance for 2016. By executing the “product-driven and services-driven strategy, Huawei Services reported revenues of USD13.32 billion in 2016 and kept robust growth in improving carriers’ network value, operation efficiency, an digital transformation. Huawei Services aims to address carriers’ business problems and help them transform towards digital business.

From left to right: Weibing, CMO of Huawei Global Services; Shengkai, President of Global Services Marketing and Solution Sales; Ted Luo, Director of Global Services DP Department.

Huawei Services has made significant progress in experience-based network deployment. It has managed over 400 high-quality networks, established over 40 service operations centers, provided indoor connected solutions for over 52,000 hot spots, and deployed over 470 IP networks and 1.15 million integrated wireless sites. In terms of driving operation for excellence, Huawei Services has provided managed services for over 160 networks, delivered assurance services for over 500 major events, and ensured stable operations for over 1,500 communication networks. In addition, it has worked with global carriers to develop innovations in smart customer services, digital marketing, network and central office modernization. Huawei Services’ consulting and IT integration services have helped customers on their all cloud transformation journeys. It has participated in 2020 network transformation projects for more than 10 leading carriers, integrated over 420 cloud data centers worldwide, won over 30 commercial use contracts on enterprise CloudVPN integration, and completed over 130 NFV and SDN projects globally.

Putting customers first, Huawei Services provides customized solutions and actively cooperates with leading carriers in joint innovation. It has provided services for a number of global carriers, and received awards from TM Forum, Informa, QuEST Forum, GTB, and Telecoms for its customer experience management, data center integration, ICT managed services, and NFV integration.

There are tremendous opportunities for growth within the telecom industry. However, to thrive in the digital era, carriers need to transform their businesses and deliver new connectivity and communication services that create a compelling user experience. There are still a large number of individuals and households demanding basic communication services. Meanwhile, video is becoming a fundamental service for carriers and by 2025, the video-as-a-service market is expected to increase tenfold, entering a market with one trillion US dollars. Cloud services for enterprises and governments, IoT, and telecom services in vertical markets are also becoming new growth drivers for carriers.

"Carriers’ demands changes and requires business solutions that create values and address problems. Carriers need to reduce time and costs spent building and operating networks, deploy and manage networks for video services and its monetization, deliver ROADS user experience, and realize the growth of digital business via agile operations. In fact, however, there is no single supplier who can help address carriers’ business problems.” said Mr. Sheng Kai, President of Huawei Service Marketing and Solution Sales

“Huawei Services is focused on helping customers address these issues through continuous investment in our Services organization and talent, platform, and ecosystem to drive experience-based network deployment, operation for excellence, and digital transformation. With these efforts, we aim to address carriers’ most pressing challenges and eventually help them move their business to the cloud."

Huawei believes its success depends on its customers’ success. Huawei Services provides the following solutions to help customers accelerate business growth and innovation:

  • Experience-based network deployments to drive network value: Building business experience-based networks through precise planning and big data analytics to help customers improve their user experience and brand reputation, increase ROI and achieve revenue growth.
  • Excellent O&M to improve efficiency: Using digital technologies to reconstruct O&M models to help carriers enhance O&M efficiency in scenarios such as network and IT service outsourcing, smart customer service, digital marketing, and central equipment room modernization.
  • Digital transformation to enable new growth: Helping carriers with digital transformation in the fields of video, government and enterprise cloud, and IoT through vertical service integration. Transforming operation and IT infrastructure to enable agile digital operations, shorten the time-to-market, and build secure and reliable distributed cloud data centers.

To help carriers advance digital transformation and network evolution, Huawei follows the concept of “Change starts from us before we better support customers” in areas of R&D, delivery, and supply chain by continually investing in the service industry, building an open ecosystem, and enhancing business solution consulting and integration services abilities. Huawei Services has established a service lab to explore new service models and strategies. Moreover, to improve efficiency, it has introduced automation and smart technologies based on Huawei's integrated service delivery platform, cloud open lab, and center of expertise. Huawei Services has also built a sustainable development ecosystem through industry and business alliances, cooperation with open source communities, and joint innovations with partners. It will continue its open cooperation with third-party organizations and open-source communities. At the same time, Huawei Services has joined hands with customers and partners to innovate and share best practices through its cloud open lab.

Cloudification is an ongoing journey and carriers need manage their current network assets effectively, and maximize network value to drive profitability. At the same time, carriers also need to adopt digital transformation to drive competitiveness in the future. Huawei Services will work closely with its customers and partners to help them achieve these goals and embrace the future of digital business.