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Huawei and Deutsche Telekom Demonstrate the All Cloud 5G Network Slicing

Mar 01, 2017

[Barcelona, Spain, March 1st, 2017] Huawei and Deutsche Telekom showed all cloud based 5G E2E network slicing demo including RAN, Transport and Core network on the opening day of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The joint demo is conducted in Deutsche Telekom’s 5G:haus lab based in Bonn, Germany, and aims to validate the global leading network slicing technology applied for the future-coming diversity 5G applications.

In the past year, 5G is becoming the hottest topic. Both the players from tele-communication and vertical industries looking forward to the full connected world based on 5G. 5G era will provide 100Mbps user experienced data rate everywhere and millisecond level ultra-low latency. The diversified requirements from new applications including VR/AR, smart cars will be enabled by 5G E2E network slicing.

5G E2E network slicing technology was based on Huawei all cloud architecture, enabled multiple industry service over one physical network. Massive MIMO with C-band realized 1Gbps throughput. CloudRAN allocated radio resource for eMBB slice and guaranteed low latency slice based on slice awareness capability. Cloudified transport network (aka. CloudMetro) achieved data plane isolation over IP+Optical Infrastructure, maintained different network topologies and SLAs (service level agreement) with respective control plane. Low latency scheduling process and mobile edge computing technology of 5G oriented core network realized ultra-low latency and ultra-low latency with high mobility. The network slicing management function provided slice design, deployment and monitor capabilities for fast operation. 5G network slicing technology will help the operators structure an open and flexible platform to support various services.

“Huawei is investing great effort to establish a cloudified full connected world using 5G.” said Chaobin Yang, president of Huawei 5G Product Line. “5G network slicing can enable a logical isolated network based on mobile network, to provide diversified services in the future. Operators, vendors and vertical industrial players should cooperate and pave the way for commercializing 5G slicing network.”

“Network Slicing is the most important innovation for 5G, in this demonstration, we realized an E2E network slicing including RAN, transport, core network, and also massive MIMO C-band for high throughput, physical isolation and ultra-low latency mobile edge computing technology,” adds Bruno Jacobfeuerborn, Chief Technology Officer, Deutsche Telekom. “We show that these 5G capabilities can be provided as on-demand network services for diverging use cases in the near future.”