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Huawei and Qualcomm successfully conduct the first announced comprehensive test of LTE TM9 with 8x2 MIMO

Feb 16, 2017

[Shanghai, China, Feb 16, 2017] Huawei and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, completed the first announced 8-port 8x2 MIMO test based on LTE transmission mode (TM) 9 in 4.5G interoperability testing. The test used Huawei's unique 3DB AAU (8T8R) solution and the Qualcomm Snapdragon™ X16 LTE modem. Through MU-MIMO, several Snapdragon X16 LTE modem mobile test devices received the same 20MHz spectrum with each of them reaching a peak rate of 188.3Mbps. The tests demonstrate successful innovation in LTE-FDD with multi-antenna technology.

Picture of Huawei and Qualcomm joint test

TM9- capable terminals can feedback user-level information to base stations, which will help to form the user dedicated beam. With this dedicated beam, the signal strength will be enhanced and the interference between users will be reduced. While many existing smartphones support TM9 with 4x2 MIMO, TM9 with 8x2 MU-MIMO beamforming provides additional capacity gains. In this joint test, 8x2 MU-MIMO generated a narrower and more focused energy beam, allowing for less interference among users. This greatly improves the multiplexing of spectrum resources, and provides a better user experience.

Huawei's unique 3DB AAU (8T8R) solution is commercially available and is proven to provide nearly 100% capacity improvement based on TM4 LTE smartphones compared with 2T2R. With the maturity of the TM9 terminal industry, the capacity and user experience can be further enhanced.

Bob Cai Mengbo, President of FDD LTE Product Line at Huawei, said, "With 3GPP evolution of multi-antenna technology, 4.5G spectrum efficiency will be further improved. And we look forward to continued cooperation with Qualcomm Technologies to jointly promote the maturity of the TM9, which can greatly help operators improve spectrum more effectively and better serve the end user.”

Francesco Grilli, vice president, product management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. says, "The comprehensive test of TM9 demonstrates the benefits of 8x2 MIMO in enhancing user experience and shows Huawei’s and Qualcomm Technologies’ efforts in bringing TM9 to the industry. TM9 8x2 MIMO is another important feature in the X16 Gigabit LTE modem from Qualcomm Technologies. Qualcomm Technologies is looking forward to working with Huawei in commercialization of this feature”.


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