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Huawei and China Mobile Wins Glotel Awards for Video Ring Back Tone Services

Nov 08, 2017

[London, UK, November 8, 2017] At the Glotel Awards 2017 Ceremony in London, Huawei has received the award “Digital Content Services of the Year” for its exceptional Video Ring Back Tone(RBT) service. The latter recognizes the innovative work it is doing in partnership with China Mobile to drive new revenue streams from video services.

Video Ring Back Tone(RBT) is accessible when making a voice or video call over VoLTE network. A short video is played on the caller’s mobile phone before the call is answered. Since 2016, Huawei, in partnership with China Mobile, has done a lot of innovative work for Video Ring Back Tone(RBT) and has also released relevant service specifications. In July 2017, China Mobile Yunnan published Video Ring Back Tone(RBT) service initially in the world. It is expected that more subsidiaries will launch Video Ring Back Tone(RBT) service by the end of 2017.

“We are delighted that Huawei has been recognized for the industry-leading approach we are taking with our Video Ring Back Tone(RBT) service,” said Lee Yee, VP Marketing Huawei Software. “This will be a new growing area for the global telecoms community, and it is a great reflection of Huawei’s vision and delivery that we have been honored by the prestigious Glotel Awards.”

The Glotel Awards – previously known as the Global Telecom Awards - recognize innovation from any company involved in advancing today’s telecoms industry, and they have become a key highlight of the telecoms calendar.